Flock announces the deepest integration with Google Drive in its space

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Flock announces the deepest integration with Google Drive in its space

Flock has announced deep integration with one of the most popular apps from the Google Suite - Google Drive. Flock users can now link multiple Google Drive accounts, access their entire drive, and manage file permissions within the team messenger, without having to log into Google Drive separately.


A large percentage of Flock’s customers include small and medium sized businesses globally, and Google Drive is one of the most popular tools that this segment uses for document storage and collaboration. “With this realization, we made sure not to limit our integration to just notifications and file previews. We wanted our customers to be able to collaborate on documents, have discussions and work seamlessly without ever having to leave Flock. What we set out to do was build the richest and deepest integration with Google Drive, that no team messenger has done yet.” said Ninad Raval, director of product and design at Flock.

The Google Drive app in Flock comes pre-installed for all users and can be accessed by simply clicking on the dedicated Google Drive app picker button. Users can search, browse, share and create files (spreadsheets, documents or presentations) right from the Flock’s sidebar.

Unique to Flock, users can set default permissions for files shared or grants read or edit access on the go to all channel members right from within Flock.

● Create a document/spreadsheet/presentation within a specified Google Drive folder.

● Manage access files permissions.

○ Grant read and edit permissions for each file shared

○ Specify default permissions to be granted for each file shared by a user

● Search, browse and share files

○ Search entire Google Drive, and not just the files shared within Flock

○ Search by file title or file content

● Receive a rich URL preview of their shared files, and open the containing folder.

● Link multiple Google Drive Accounts, and search and browse through all of them.

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