Five Popular Apps Small Businesses May Want To Use

Apps have proven to be efficient and are easily available for download on platforms like Android and iOS, so that business owners can carry out almost all tasks via their smartphones

When one owns a small business, it generally means that they are multitasking and always on the go. Business and IT professionals usually have a lot of things to take care of in a very short time span. However, to small business’ delight, now there are several apps available that can ensure businesses function smoothly.

These apps have proven to be efficient and are easily available for download on platforms like Android and iOS, so that business owners can carry out almost all tasks via their smartphones. There are several apps that can be used by small enterprises but five popular ones are as follows:

Zoho One

Zoho One claims to give one suite of more than 40 integrated business and productivity applications. The app enables connectivity amongst multiple apps so different teams can work together to satisfy customers, manage finances and work productively. Zoho says that the app connects sales, marketing, accounting and support teams, along with everyone else in the organization, but has centralized administrative control from one single console. Zoho also recently updated Zoho One and enabled it with a new set of capabilities that bridge the gap between different departments and roles within an organization. They also claim that more than 12,000 businesses worldwide have become Zoho One customers, of which 36% of Zoho One users are from India.

Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale is an app that businesses may need to take payments. Credit and debit cards may be accepted with Square Reader for magstripe, while EMV chip cards and Android Pay may be accepted with Square Reader for contactless and chip. The app claims to have the capability to keep track of sales and inventory in real time. The app keeps track of customers’ purchase histories and also sends digital receipts. Businesses can sign in from any device and send custom invoices from mobile devices or laptops.

Google Drive

Google Drive is probably one of the most used, well known and reliable apps in businesses. The Google Drive G Suite is commonly used in small businesses for business email, video conferencing, cloud storage and file sharing. G Suite says that its spam filter keeps junk e-mails away, all files can be uploaded on cloud storage and it can be accessed when needed from computers, phones or tablets, and one can also open and edit common file formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint easily. The pricing of the professional office suite with 30GB storage is Rs. 150 per month, while the enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving costs Rs. 600 per month.

TSheets Time Tracker

Small business enterprises usually have a limited number of employees and their efficiency is what matters most in order for a business venture to succeed, and TSheets is an app that may help in doing just that.  TSheets is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling app that allows employees to sign in and out of their job sites with their mobile phones. This ensures accurate electronic time data making payroll and invoicing faster and less costly. TSheets can also track GPS points and send alerts to managers if employees have not yet reached the job site or shift as scheduled.


Taking notes, creating to-do lists, adding images and scanning documents with a camera is a daily routine in businesses, and Evernote is an app that enables one to do just that in an organized manner. IT professionals can annotate documents with comments and thoughts during team meetings, and then share it with their colleagues using phones, tablets or computers. People can also use Evernote camera on their mobile devices to scan bills, receipts, and business cards, so that the office can be kept clutter free and clean.

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