Five High-paying Jobs in Blockchain Technology

According to the latest skills index, blockchain technology is the fastest-growing talent and is one of the most in-demand jobs in US market

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Blockchain Technology

As the Web promises more transparency and security and the India Government, in the Budget 2022–23, brings about the much-needed clarity for crypto-currency investors, blockchain technology becomes more important for us. According to the latest skills index, blockchain is the fastest-growing talent and is one of the most in-demand jobs in the US market


It is not surprising that blockchain technology—better known as distributed ledger technology—is also emerging as the most vital skill-set in the IT industry job scenario in India. It is quite clear that, along with the increased application of Machine Learning and IoT, blockchain technology will shape most of the technological developments in the coming days.

Much beyond the originally planned crypto-currency realm, blockchain has come a long way to emerge as an encompassing, innovative backbone technology to add value to businesses across sectors—whether banking, architecture, or government-related jobs.

Growing demand for blockchain professionals


Countries like the US, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Chile and the UAE have already made big leaps in the blockchain space. India’s plans for developing a national blockchain framework to prepare a centralized ecosystem to cover as many as 44 sectors, including e-governance, will bring the nation at par with these countries.

According to a Gartner report, by 2030, blockchain could be used as a foundational technology for 30% of the global customer base. By 2025, blockchain could add a business value that will grow to over $176 billion which will further increase to $3.1 trillion by 2030. It simply shows the unfolding potential. It is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand skills in modern times because of many reasons. It has been responsible for spurring innumerable new job roles that have been driving opportunities for a career in blockchain.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?


Simply put, you can imagine blockchain to be a Google spreadsheet that is shared by a huge number of systems worldwide. This spreadsheet is connected to the Internet and, whenever a transaction takes place, that detail is recorded in this particular spreadsheet. Any person with a computer or mobile device can access this spreadsheet by connecting over the Internet. However, a person accessing the spreadsheet can view and add transactions to this spreadsheet, but cannot edit any information that is already present there.

High-paying jobs in blockchain technology

Risk Analyst


Risk analysts usually work in the finance domain or with government enterprises. They are concerned with achieving consistency with local and government laws. Besides assessing risks, they help with programming, product improvement, information analytics and project documentation.

Qualification Needed

Excel proficiency, business sense and extensive research experience. The demand for risk analysts makes it one of the highest-paying jobs in India.


Technical Architect

These people hold a rare combination of advanced technical skills, as well as incredible managerial abilities. They are considered unicorns of the tech job market. A technical architect is also known as an IT Systems Architect. They are systems logistics specialists who create, maintain and implement IT systems for a growing business or an IT firm.

A technical architect’s role typically involves:

  • Designing the structure of technology systems
  • Managing the implementation of programs
  • Coordinating with the software development team to make sure the system is running smoothly

Qualification Needed

Software Engineering degree and an MBA or PGDM


Analyst relation manager

This is one of the most vital roles in any organization. Their goal is to increase awareness and knowledge-sharing between a company and a vital audience. They help in establishing a company’s brand image and raise awareness about its innovations in the marketplace.

Qualification Needed

  • Corporate communications or marketing background
  • Degree in marketing or technology field
  • At least 3-5 years of experience with a technology vendor
  • Managerial experience (with an agency)
  • Hands-on AR experience

Crypto Community Manager

These professionals play an important role in marketing and client interactions. They work as network administrators who track and present engagement statistics over all the channels, including the Net and social media. Such tasks require a deep understanding of project fundamentals, especially while handling client queries.

Qualification Needed

For this role, educational requirements are not usually rigid. Nowadays, many start-ups hire freshers who can learn about blockchain essentials and grow with the organization. If one is looking for practical exposure, small organizations can provide a suitable environment to build one’s capabilities.

Legal Consultant

A blockchain legal consultant focuses on forming legal partnerships and advises the company on the structuring of crypto-currency offerings. A legal consultant is a person who counsels clients deploying blockchain-based solutions, creating or utilizing digital currencies, integrating digital ledger-based technologies based on the current blockchain laws and regulations in their respective countries.

Qualification Needed

  • A blockchain legal consultant should have a certified degree in law from a recognized institute.
  • Should have extensive knowledge about tokens and trading so that the clients’ token operations are supported by legal documents.
  • Should know how to prepare commercial agreements and prospectus in compliance with the legislation of the country.
  • Candidates should know how to use blockchain to leverage the technology safely with no legal implications.
  • Must have detailed knowledge about smart contracts.

There are various professional trainings and courses available in the market for developing the right skill set in the technology. It is advisable to take the training and go prepared to excel in the domain anyone strives for making his/her career in Blockchain.

The article has been written by Peeush Bajpai, CEO, Spring People