Five alternative ways to charge your phone

Everyone can charge a phone with a charger, but have you ever imagined if you are out for a holiday on an island and your battery goes dead and there is no electricity power point. What will you do except panic. Now you do have alternatives for it. You don't have to search for power outlet every time for charging your smart phone. Here are five simple hassle-free ways to charge your phone without a charger


Portable Charger






The portable chargers are more handy and light in weight as compared to traditional chargers. You can charge your phone as well your tablet without electricity. Just throw one of these handy little gadgets in your bag or pocket and enjoy surfing your gadget any time.

Charging Mats and Pads







This is one of the most popular ways of charging a phone. There are many companies who offer charging mats or pads that can recharge batteries for any device, including cell phones. But out of those various available options, the Duracell PowerMat and Energizer Qi models are the most popular. These products include inductive charging, which uses electromagnetic energy to charge the battery. You’ll need to buy the mat itself, plus a sleeve to fit your phone so that it can be charged.

BioLite Camp Stove










The BioLite CampStove generates usable electricity for charging LED lights, mobile phones, and other personal devices.
You just have to burn wood and create 2 watts of electricity to charge smartphones, headlamps or LED lights. This is a smart way to charge your phone when you are out in a forest or camping outside.

Solar Charger








I personally like this option as it doesn’t require much hassle. A solar charger provides you the power you need at any moment. This means the next time you need to charge your phone, you don’t have to look for a power outlet. All that’s required is access to the sun, and even a moderately overcast day will produce enough energy to charge your phone.

The only factor which can make you think about this is the cost. Because of large panels, these are sold between $100 and $200.

Hand-crank Charger









Hand-crank chargers work by converting the energy of your crank into a charger, which is then transferred either to your phone or an internal battery. This means they always work. Now you can charge your phone with your crank.
This is a back-up battery with a charger that converts one minute of hand cranking into four minutes of emergency power for a connected cell phone. This charger is more suitable for doing an emergency call or sending a text when power is not available. These problems make hand-crank chargers an option for the last resort.

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