Drone Rules 2021

First drone attack in Jammu brings new challenges in warfare and tech

On Sunday afternoon, two low intensity bombs were dropped via drone on the Indian Air Force base station in Jammu. The IAF twitter handle stated, “One caused a minor damage to the roof of a building while the other exploded in an open area.”

“There was no damage to any equipment and the investigation is in progress.”

Drones in warfare:

Two unmanned aerial vehicle carrying explosives were used. They could be Type 1 or Type 2 UAV. These type of drones can carry heavy payloads up to several kilometers. In the past, Pakistan has used UAVs to send AK-47 rifles and other ammunitions across the Punjab, Jammu border.

The UAVs considering the size and capacity are suitable for combat missions and surveillance. Therefore, it is preferred by countries with a smaller military budget.

The countries leading the drone warfare are the US, UK and Israel. While Predator and Reaper drones are used by the US and UK, Israel develops its own technology. Also in 2016, Turkey deployed drone against Kurdish PKK in Iraq and Syria.

Pakistan’s Drone Policy:

Pakistan PM Imran Khan green lighted the country’s drone policy last year and gained help from China and Turkey to develop the program.

The Pakistan Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry tweeted stating, “PM Imran Khan has given a go ahead to formulate first ever Drone Policy of Pakistan, the new policy will allow Drone production and specially agriculture drone manufacturing industry will get huge boost, import of sophisticated drones will also be allowed.”

The Chinese state media last year made public the decision to supply 50 Wing Loong II armed drones to Pakistan and stated it would be a nightmare for Indian ground formations in high altitude areas.

Israel tests laser tech to shoot down drones:

Last week, AP reported Israel military to have successfully tested an airborne high power laser that can shoot down drones. The prototype was developed by Elbit Systems, mounted on civilian plane and shot down drones successfully in a test over Mediterranean Sea, stated Brig. Gen. Yaniv Rotem, head of military research and development at Defense Ministry to AP. The system shot drones within 1 kilometer range and Israel looks to deploy a ground-based system to intercept rockets, drones and mortar rounds within a range of 8-10 kilometers.

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