FireEye ‘eyes’ India; invests $50mn

One of the fastest growing start ups of Silicon valley, with revenues crossing $100 bn(approximate); is now eyeing India for expansion.
Fire eye will invest close to $50 mn in their R&D center in Banagalore,confirms Ashar Aziz, Founder and CTO, Fire Eye to Dataquest. It plans to hire 250 people in next five years in this facility.
The company also announced appointment of Sridhar Jayanthi as the Vice President (R&D) and Managing Director, India operations who was earlier with McAffee.
Last November the company ropedin former McAfee President Dave DeWalt to be its CEO, and last month it raised $50 million in new venture-capital funding.

India Plans…

Talking about India Plans, the company plans to follow the global expansion strategy of foryaing into various critical infrastructure sectors.
“We plan to focus on certain key areas like government, BFSI, oil and gas, critical infrastructure sectors like telcom, powergrid etc,” said Ashar Aziz, founder & CTO,FireEye.
The company claims to have close to 30% of fortune 500 companies as their customers across the globe.
However, they didn not confirm any customer names in India but they are targeting specific segments largely in this region.
“We are focusing on enterprises largely. However, our solutions and products can cater to mid size businesses considering their need and scale,” says Sridhar Jayanthi,MD India and VP,R&D,FireEye.

FireEye fires up the security industry
FireEye is getting plenty of attention right now because of its anti-malware sandboxing technology ,which other vendors want to emulate; and its growing commercial success is inching it toward possibly going public later this year.
Known as fastest growing start up, the company has been leveraging its growth scale on primarily solving two important security issues which is where their competition is lagging behind: First, their solutions and porducts are solving the ‘zero day’ attacks; and secondly, curbing advanced persistent threats.
Apart from various venture companies funding this start up(founded in 2004); US governemnt’s CIA’s venture capital arm- ‘In-Q-Tel’ also has a stake in the company.

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