Feeling positive about the semicon industry

DQI Bureau
New Update

Dr Nalamasu is a recognized expert in materials science and technology. He has successfully led the company's innovation efforts through funding and incubation of long-term R&D/product development investments; global research investments in academia and consortia. He provides critical insight to maintain Applied's technology leadership in the industries it serves and spearheads the company's growth into new markets. A world-renowned expert in materials science and technology. He brings in extensive experience and passion in driving innovation to Applied - recognized by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Technology Review as one of the world's most innovative companies.


Current rate...A lot is going on in the semi-conductor industry which relate to demand picking up in relation to LCDs, mobile devices, etc. There are also huge investments in solar and display.

About company...We don't have a large market in India but are optimistic about the Indian market on the back of being given permission for one or two fabs. India would go a long way and if things work in the right track, we would have a significant presence. Currently, we have 2200 employees of which 1200 are engineers. India also has the second largest data center for Applied Materials.

Knowledge boundaries...The knowledge creation and connection link is being strengthened from R&D to products in association with IIT Bombay. Last year, we started a course in conjunction with the institute too. Since 7 years we are working in conjunction with IIT-Bombay and hope this efforts scales new heights.

Market review...The signs are positive on the semiconductor perspective. ETVs are going to be the next thing. There is going to be huge emphasis on globalized research, application of presicion material to solve problems, nurturing innovation, etc. There is a lot of research going on in the thin film battery concept, etc.