Famous apps that should be seen on every teenager’s smartphone

By: Vedika Malhotra, Intern, Dataquest

Smartphone, the trendy drug among teens these days, is the new addiction today. The most appealing thing about it is that mobiles allow people to access all the applications that they wish to use. Studies show that youngsters spend most of their time on smartphones using different kinds of apps. Let’s go through 5 such popular apps that have changed the lives of teens.

1. Tinder

An online dating app, popular among teenagers is ‘Tinder’. It helps you find potential matches near you through your GPS and you can start to communicate if you’ve both liked each other. With 50 million active users, most of the crowd on this dating platform is from youngsters.

2. Ask.fm

Ask.fm, believes that asking questions and answering them are the building blocks of conversations. Not revealing your identity and asking things which cannot be asked directly is the trendy thing today. Also, tinder is slightly linked to ask.fm. Both the apps use facebook for the user’s information. Also, you can use ask.fm to secretly ask questions to people you like on tinder.

3. Color switch

Color switch, a game with over 80 million downloads worldwide, is the game for teenagers and young people who tend to get ‘bored’ easily. Their favorite time pass to overcome boredom is this very common and currently trendy game.

4. Prisma

The selfie generation is obsessed with clicking pictures and without editing, their picture isn’t complete. This new application Prisma, edits a picture with the skills of an artist and changes the entire look. The latest trend of turning your pictures into sketched ones is because of this innovative app.

5. Wynk

Chilling is in the schedules of these young people. The best thing one can do to chill is to listen to music. An app called Wynk, provides you with the latest songs and videos which one can see without the internet connection, after downloading them.

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