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The mySAP.com Marketplace is an internet web community, hosted at www.mySAP.com, which will be a one-step destination for business and industry professionals. It will also serve as the integration site for enterprises and business professionals to collaborate, conduct commerce, access personalized content and interact.


  • Tnfrastructure, security, commerce-enabling applications, value-added services and interoperability required to enable one-step business anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

  • Distinct trading communities bringing together companies, the industry and regional partners.

  • Cross-industry horizontal market-place as the basis for collaborative commerce aimed at business professionals in general.

  • Number of vertical and regional market-places for specialized commerce among user groups with similar interest, such as the oil & fuel industry.

  • Aggregated and unique content for all business professionals as well as specific industry participants.

In addition to buyer-seller integration, collaborative planning management and supply chain management scenarios, the Marketplace supports a number of pre-configured, specific applications for collaborative ebusiness. These include:

  • BUSINESS DIRECTORY: Provides network information on buyers and sellers as well as company information, a product catalogue, contact and target market data. The business directory enables any company to register itself at mySAP.com Marketplace. In addition to supplying address and contact information, a company can categorize itself using UNPC products, service categories and sub-categories. This feature will make it easy for potential suppliers and customers to find a company, its products and services.

  • DOCUMENT EXCHANGE: Provides a one-step-way for buyers and sellers to exchange information in the Marketplace. It will provide additional data fields that can be maintained by a company. This additional information will enable seamless execution of a business process. In a buyer-seller scenario, the seller can add vendor or supplier master data to its entry in the business directory. On the buyer’s side, this information will be used to create a vendor master record for the supplier in the buyer’s ERP system. This process takes place during the purchase requisition process. It enables integration of the purchase request into the accounts payable process of the buying company. 

  • DISTRIBUTOR RESELLER MANAGEMENT (DRM): Offers web-based solutions that enable a drastic improvement in the steps required to initiate, negotiate and finalize agreements between manufacturers and their distributors or resellers. The mySAP.com DRM reduces the cost of ecommerce to a level that allows even small companies to pay.

The mySAP.com Marketplace will contain both horizontal communities–human resource, finance and other functions and vertical communities–by industry, with community-specific content.

The mySAP.com communities will aggregate several kinds of content and other community-enabling functions including the following:

  • Information about industry products and services.

  • Distinct content-analytical industry reports, industry trends and events, business process information and so on.

  • Generalized content–news, stock quotes, weather.

  • Chat rooms and hosted forums.

The mySAP.com  Workplace is an enterprise-wide business portal for all users within a company. It offers employees a unified, web-based interface for all the tasks they need to accomplish on a given day. Workplace is not merely a web-based portal to SAP software. It also features tight integration with other enterprise applications, including desktop applications and internet content via the SAP internet business framework and ties them into the pulse of a company.

To leverage the expertise gained from the EnjoySAP initiative and to help users take advantage of the business integration enabled by the internet, SAP is releasing a new series of role-based web applications called SAP Business Scenarios. These applications are subsets of products tailored to specific roles within an organization.

Companies can tailor the SAP Business Scenarios to meet the needs of executives, sales representatives, purchasing clerks and many other positions. Once a company has deployed a scenario, users can modify role-based menus and screen layouts to meet their individual needs.

mySAP.com unifies formerly scattered processes through its simple role-based interface. The Workplace interface helps employees along every step in their way. They no longer need to search for the right information or business system.

The mySAP.com Workplace enhances business efficiency by allowing companies a single, web-enabled access window to both SAP and non-SAP applications as well as to internet services. Some of the benefits of mySap.com workplace are:

  • INTEGRATES CORE SYSTEM WITH THE INTERNET: The Workplace is a doorway to the internet within the context of a business transaction. It allows users to access an internet-based market or community to complete their business processes without leaving behind one-step integration to core company systems.

  • DRAG AND DROP FUNCTIONALITY: Workplace integrates more than just R/3 applications. It also integrates non-ERP applications into its web-based interface. The Workplace supports drag and drop execution across business applications and partner web sites. For example, a user of the mySAP.com Workplace can drag and drop a purchase 
    order onto a FedEx icon in the same window and immediately connect to a FedEx site containing the shipment details. This process will save the user valuable time and provide more consistent integration.

  • PRE-BUILT, ROLE-BASED AND CONFIGURABLE: The mySAP.com Workplace contains several functions tailored to an employee’s requirements and configurable by the employee according to the particular job. It also contains links to web-enabled SAP Business Scenarios required for each person’s role. It is pre-configured and role-based with a user-customization interface that enables companies to tailor the pre-built menus for different groups of users. It also serves as the launch area for each individual’s web-enabled applications and processes.

  • LINKS TO VALUE-ADDED APPLICATIONS AND CONTENT: The Workplace gives employees access to personal information such as employee benefit programs and time reporting. Role-specific content such as purchasing benchmarks, specific news content and bulletin board services will be available on the desktop. Companies can realize many benefits by using the Workplace as a portal to core company systems as well as to broader external communities and markets.

Available From:

SAP India
610, Paharpur Business Centre
No. 21, Nehru Place,
New Delhi – 110 019
Tel: +91-11-647 4701
DID: +91-11-620 7606
Fax: +91-11-646 0907
E-mail: rema.menon@sap.com 
Contact: Rema Menon

Companies save on process improvement like never before. They can collapse many complex process steps and direct them to the attention of the smallest number of knowledge workers. Companies also save on transactions because they have access to more liquid and efficient markets. They can increase revenue by accessing a broader
community of potential customers. Updates are handled on a role-specific basis for
given workplace installations and they are delivered over the internet.


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