Facebook for The Poor

DQI Bureau
New Update

To meet the need of the people of the developing countries who cannot afford to buy computers or possess smartphones,Facebook has been working on availing the social network on cheap feature phones. These phones though dead in Europe, are still in great use in countries like India and Brazil.

This initiative, as Facebook calls it "Facebook for every phone", would lead to a huge expansion of about 1.1 Billion users. After working on it for 2 years, today, about one out of eight mobile users access Facebook from simple low cost feature phones.Ironically, the countries like India, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and Vietnam, which avail this application, are the ones who are the most active over social networking.

However Facebook is struggling to deal with this shift from computer networks to phones. Since they are availing the services to a low cost phone, they will have to deal with a huge revenue loss as well.

the "Feature phone app" idea was started by a small group of people who joined Facebook in 2011, with its purchase of Snaptu. Facebook had to drastically manage it's data transfer over small cellular network. They also had to avail services like photo transfer and chat facilities to the Facebook users over feature phones.

Facebook have travelled a long distance and worked really hard to help people who want to use this social network but couldn't. They had spent a huge sum of $70 million to buy Snaptu, an Israeli company that had begun to offer primitive versions of Facebook and other apps on simple cellphones. Earlier the only way to log in to Facebook was through a computer. but today after two years of silent hard work, so many people log on to Facebook through their feature phones.

the opportunity for business growth for Facebook and phone industry looks very promising, if the mobile usage of Facebook grows in the western countries as well.