Facebook Removes Creepy Ticker Feed

Facebook has officially removed the ticker. The ticker was first launched in 2011 and became a permanent feature of peoples’ news feeds.It allowed users to monitor their friends public activity on Facebook in real time.

According to reports, the Ticker, however, was not without controversy- some had dubbed it the most “creeper feed”when it was first launched because of how it let you quietly keep tabs on what people in your network were doing on the site.

Facebook has been quietly phasing out the ticker over the past few weeks, before finally addressing the matter in a Help Community thread`.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook has long been chipping away at Google’s and primary media outlets’ position as a purvey or of information, turning into the world’s biggest platform for aggregating and distributing news. But with a lot of controversy over how much fake news is shared on the site, and how that could have influenced major political events like the EU referendum in the UK and the last US general election, Facebook is using its new mission statement to spearhead a more proactive stance about how and what news and other information gets shared on its platform.

Precisely why Facebook decided to remove the Ticker is unclear. Not everyone was comfortable with this feature. With this feature, friends on facebook could potentially see everything they did on the site, including what images they liked and comments they left, and more.

It could also be a case of Facebook’s new feature which is rolling out to users in Britain,  Canada, Columbia, Thailand, Australia, and France, appears to be an attempt at refreshing the old ‘Poke’ function, which few people seem to use these days. By hovering over the ‘Hello’ button on the app, people can send greetings such as a hug, wink, and high five. The mobile version even comes with its own animation for each option.


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