Facebook AI System Can Now ‘Open’ Closed Eyes in Photo

Malavika Sacchdeva
New Update

Artificial Intelligence is becoming an important part of our life. It can reduce cost and increase efficiency at the same time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a boon for us as the ability of machines keep improving its performance without much human interference.


According to recent reports, Facebook researchers are now working on a new AI system that can make closed eyes look convincingly open.

People have a habit of retouching of their images using various tools before posting them on Facebook, the new system could be of immense use for users as effective tool to replace closed eyes with open ones are now hard to come by.

According to TechCrunch report, Facebook researchers presented a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), essentially a machine learning system that tries to fool itself into thinking its creations are real.


GAN system learns what eyes should look on a particular person on the basis of shape, color and other features of the eyes of a particular person. Facebook researchers found the results promising.

In testing, people mistook the fake eye-opened photos for real ones.

"Exemplar GANs provide a useful solution for image generation or in-painting, when a region of that image has some sort of identifying feature," the researchers wrote in the paper.

"They provide superior perceptual results because they incorporate identifying information stored in reference images or perceptual codes," the paper said.

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