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F-Secure announces Cloud protection on Salesforce AppExchange

F-Secure announced it has launched F-Secure Cloud Protection on the Salesforce AppExchange, protecting organizations against malicious content shared in the cloud. F-Secure Cloud Protection checks links and files for malicious content as they’re shared through Salesforce, ensuring the cloud stays a safe place for companies and for users. The solution combines award-winning Best Protection* with easy no-middleware installation.

Businesses continue to migrate to cloud services, where they typically share the responsibility of securing their ecosystems with their cloud providers. These providers cover various aspects of system and application level security such as authentication, rules, and user permissions and roles. It is the organization’s responsibility to secure files and links that customers and employees upload to cloud platforms. F-Secure Cloud Protection is beneficial for any company who seeks to mitigate risks in the cloud, providing protection against malware, ransomware and malicious links.

F-Secure Cloud Protection offers benefits from both the security and the resourcing perspective:

Protection for cloud. An ideal solution to handle the customer’s side of the shared responsibility model used in cloud ecosystems, so that the company security strategy covers also cloud services.

Next-generation security. Much more than simple anti-virus. Includes real-time threat intelligence, smart cloud sandboxing and more.

Advanced analytics. Rich reporting, advanced security analytics, and full audit trails allow for fast and efficient incident response capabilities.

Built on the Salesforce Platform. The solution has been built on the Salesforce Platform, ensuring smooth integration, reliability and an excellent user experience.

No middleware needed. Thanks to integration with Salesforce, there is no need to deploy or maintain middleware. Deployment takes only a few minutes, eliminating the need for an expensive IT project.


F-Secure Cloud Protection enhances reporting by providing detailed real-time visibility to the content stored and accessed in the cloud including file names, types, users, IP addresses, file sources, upload and download actions and safety verdicts. It verifies the safety of links and files shared in the cloud, without hindering performance. Malicious links and files are blocked or removed, then logged and flagged for administrators for further analysis and action. The approach prevents cloud services from being used to spread malware or unwanted content, and allows IT admins to investigate and respond to threats. F-Secure Cloud Protection works in various Salesforce environments, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and Government Cloud.

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