Exploring Google Cloud's Collaboration with BharatGPT: Insights

By partnering with BharatGPT, both companies can collaborate on research and development, potentially leading to breakthroughs

Preeti Anand
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The premiere of BharatGPT, a domestic AI marvel created by in collaboration with Google Cloud, brightens India's tech horizon. By supporting over 14 Indian languages for text, audio, and video, this revolutionary technology breaks down language barriers.


What you should know: BharatGPT is a digital monument to India's cultural past, underpinned by Google Cloud's robust infrastructure. It's on track to become a well-known and reputable name in artificial intelligence.

BharatGPT aims to "Make AI in India, for India" and touts capabilities such as unique knowledge bases, seamless ERP/CRM connections, and an integrated payment mechanism.

Bikram Singh Bedi, Managing Director of Google Cloud India, expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration, emphasising the transformative power of technology and its ability to democratise AI use in India, cementing the country's position as an AI pioneer.


Here's why Google Cloud has partnered with BharatGPT

Market Expansion: India is one of the fastest-growing internet markets in the world, and Google Cloud wants to capitalise on this potential. By partnering with BharatGPT, Google gains access to a broader audience within India, particularly those needing to be more comfortable with English-dominated platforms like ChatGPT.

Language Expertise: BharatGPT's strength lies in its understanding of Indian languages, which Google Cloud may lack. This partnership allows Google Cloud to integrate BharatGPT's capabilities into its existing services, enriching its offerings for Indian users and businesses.


Product Differentiation: In a crowded LLM market, Google Cloud needs to distinguish itself. BharatGPT's focus on Indian languages provides a unique selling point, differentiating Google Cloud from its competitors and attracting customers who require localized AI solutions.

Technological Advancement: Google Cloud is a leader in cloud computing and AI technologies. By partnering with BharatGPT, both companies can collaborate on research and development, potentially leading to breakthroughs in natural language processing and AI tailored explicitly for the Indian context.

Economic Opportunities: The collaboration between Google Cloud and BharatGPT has the potential to create new job opportunities in India, particularly in the AI and technology sectors. This aligns with Google's commitment to empowering local communities through technology.

What exactly is BharatGPT?

BharatGPT, founded in 2019 by a group of seasoned AI developers, aims to revolutionise the chat AI assistant industry. They wanted to create an intelligent virtual assistant capable of managing various activities via natural, conversational interactions with people. This drive spurred BharatGPT to tremendous expansion, quickly establishing it as a leader in chat AI technology.