Experiencing Sleepless Nights? It May be Due to High EMF in Your Bedroom

By: Manas Ganguly, Founder, Brightsandz CleanTech

In the last two decades, innovation in technology has led to the emerging era of wireless devices. Gadgets, electrical devices, Wi-Fi, mobile phones and many of these alike are seamlessly altering the way humans perform their daily tasks. These wireless devices have become an integral part of human life to an extent that they stay with them even while sleeping.

However, these devices emit Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation which affects human health and sleep pattern. EMFs have a direct impact on electric and biochemical responses of the human body. Sleeping next to the mobile phone and wireless devices disturbs and alters sleep cycle is a commonly known detail but, the fact is that even electrical devices located at close range(e.g. invertors, stabilizers) have some or the other negative impact on human health. When the constant exposure to EMF disturbs sleep, it leads to deadly lifestyle diseases.

Created by wireless and electrical technology, EMF radiation is also known as “Electro- pollution”. In simpler terms, EMFs are considered as wireless energy waves surrounding electronic devices invisibly. Sleeping with devices such as Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic gadgets placed close to the bed cause extreme sleep loss. Apart from insomnia, EMFs also causes low immunity, depression, hypertension, mood disturbances, etc.

Constant exposure to EMF devices disrupts the production of melatonin, a hormone produced by pineal gland in human body which plays a crucial role in controlling sleep cycle,cancer protection and body’s self-repair. Devices such as mobile phones which are always kept close to the pillow while sleeping affect the production of melatonin. If any individual uses his mobile phone up until he sleeps, the chances of melatonin reduction increases. Thus, it makes harder for that individual to stay asleep.

There is no doubt that Wi-Fi routers have made human life easier. However, Wi-Fi routers and similar wireless devices like Bluetooth speakers are powerful contributors to radiation. Installation of Wi-Fi routers at home, workplace and even in restaurants results in long EMF exposure. The duration and proximity to the exposure of such devices increases risks arising from headaches to insomnia to tumours.

In addition to bedroom devices, there are several other domestic devices that affect the health and sleep cycle in humans. Appliances which are mainly used in kitchen such as microwaves and chimneys emit high levels of radiation in home. Exposure to such devices causes gradual damage to human cells and tissues. High level of EMF exposure not only weakens immunity but also causes anxiety leading to disturbances in sleep cycle.

In today’s fast-moving life, while it is difficult to avoid the use of these wireless or electrical devices, one can restrict exposure. There are many solutions or protective measures that can be adopted to reduce the impact of EMF exposure. Keeping the mobile phone away from bed is the simplest and most effective way to get a better sleep. Mobile phone addicts must limit the usage of their phone to get rid of sleep disturbances. Wi-Fi routers can be relocated from bedroom to living room to minimize its impact. Domestic appliances can be unplugged in night to limit the radiation. The invertor needs to be placed in the part of the house, which has the least human presence, a stabilizer should be placed at least 5-10 feet away from the head side of the bed to reduce EMF exposure there-of. Please remove baby trackers, cameras and WIFI’s from your children’s rooms. Please make sure you do not use metal beds and cradles – these resonate and amplify the effects of RF and EMF.

If you experience light and broken sleep, half day loss of energy and listlessness – make sure that your bedroom is well ventilated, the mattresses are comfortable, that there is enough gap between your last meal and your sleep. Also get your bedroom checked for EMFs and RF radiation. A healthy sleep can only be achieved by being fully committed towards lowering the level, duration and proximity to EMF exposure.

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  1. It is worth to shield the bedroom completely or at least use shielded canopy with shielded mat under it and ground it. It makes a huge difference as many people reported.

  2. Karen Snape says:

    How can I protect myself- I live in a campervan, with a tv modem kindle and iPhone in with me! No wonder I have depression and fibromyalgia!!!

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