EXL Services

DQ estimates

The first Indian BPO company to seek a listing on

Added Advisory services to its package.

l CEO: Vikram Talwar l Start-up Year: 1999
l Positioning: Strong BFSI focus l Facilities: Noida and Pune l Employees: 5198+ (DQ estimates) 2004
l Address: A-48, Sector 58, Noida l Tel: 2490320 l Fax: 26991094 l Website:

company added 10 new clients during 2004 and revenues where was $6.4mn,
accounting for 10.6%. Though EXL has maintained BFSI as its strength segment
(73.8% of its revenues), it is eyeing another high-potential segment-Healthcare.
Dell and Norwich Union, EXL’s two large clients, contributed 24% and 52%,
respectively, to the revenues. The primary client markets-North America and UK-generated
47.6% and 52.4%, respectively. EXL Services moved to newer territories looking
for a global presence. The IPO is pegged at $75 mn.

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