Everything-as-a-service (XaaS): The Next Step in Business Evolution

XaaS (everything-as-a-service) isn’t just a new business model, it is a strategic and operational blueprint that may very soon begin upending business models

In today’s rapidly evolving technology scenario, businesses are in a constant state of transmogrification. While infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and software-as-a service (SaaS), are terminologies and models of infrastructure that the industry now is well aware of, everything-as-a-service or XaaS would be the next trend industries will be seen moving towards. In an interview with DataQuest, Mr Harshit Singhal, Chief Business Officer, Hashedin, talks extensively about XaaS as a platform and what the Indian landscape looks like when everything- as-a-service is concerned.

Solutions and Components that can be used to Develop XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service)

The models of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) have been around for some time now. As time goes by, more and more “as a service” models are being introduced. XaaS is the next step in this evolution, where everything is a service.

We have experts in all technology components that can help you build, run and manage successful XaaS applications. Below are critical components of XaaS:

  • Customer Experiences

    Amazing customer experience is table stakes for XaaS products. Users switch if the experience isn’t great. A good UX and development team can design and develop amazing product interfaces, onboarding experiences and analytics-driven continuous usability improvements.

  • Internet-scale APIs

    As XaaS applications grow, our architecture and design team makes sure you are ready for the scale when it hits. And scale not just in users, but also in features, product configurations, pricing tiers and more, which are sometimes harder to manage.

  • Integrate

    SaaS Applications don’t live on an island. Successful ones integrate with other applications the customers use. Launching at major marketplaces can provide distribution and leverage to grow faster.

  • Analytics

    Analytics is the fuel that runs growth. It provides critical insights into customer behaviour. This will help in identifying and also adapting to new trends and keep the business relevant to the customers.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Users expect your application to be not just functional, but appear intelligent. It can be a simple rule-based system, a heuristic based smart search function, a conversational bot or a complex deep learning model.

How Specific Tenets of XaaS Support in Achieving Business Objectives

The tenets, being the pillars, support the business strategy and applications created using XaaS philosophy. These pillars include Modernizing a legacy app UX/UI, integrating partner apps, deploying apps to the cloud, data analysis and engineering and bringing in intelligence for better decision making.

Each of them adds value to the clients by driving customer adoption and providing incremental value to the customer. It also decreases the operational expenditure for them. For the growth and sustenance of these business objectives and to evolve continuously, the pillars become critical.

Indian Business Landscape and XaaS

XaaS (everything-as-a-service) isn’t just a new business model, it is a strategic and operational blueprint that may very soon begin upending business models, along with redefining the fundamental goals of the modernization.

XaaS envisions business capabilities, products, and processes not as discreet vertical offerings operating individually in silos but, rather, as a collection of horizontal services that can be accessed and leveraged across organizational boundaries.

The next stage of evolution in the Indian XaaS landscape is bringing in Intelligence. Our vision is to have HashedIn as the go-to company for building, scaling and managing Intelligent XaaS Product and Platforms for businesses.

Intelligence has pervaded all sectors and is changing the way we operate and look at technology as a whole. We are working on several Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence engagements and foresee the advent of real-time Intelligent XaaS platforms powered by IoT, AI, ML and Analytics which is where we are looking to develop a niche for ourselves in future.

How Hashedin’s iSaaS Solutions for Customers Aims to Transform IT Landscape

We are defining in a new way to address the SaaS challenges for companies of all sizes. No two businesses are alike. As such, every business needs a highly customized intelligent software solution to manage its technical complexities and meet their business specific goals. Our iSaaS offering aims to help companies create smart SaaS solutions that are most compatible with their existing process and business needs.

Our engagement model and execution process is the secret sauce for achieving customer delight. This model ensures complete transparency in our work, allows rearranging priorities basis client expectations and allows backlog grooming during regular scrums.

What we have been doing and intend to continue is to combine the iSaaS solutions with our engagement approach to offer the perfect customized solutions to our clients.

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