Everybody is expected to do more with less now

What is Quest Softwares value proposition for the enterprises?
Quest is an important player in the area of IT automation, which is
traditionally called IT systems management. We help enterprises manage,
automate, and extract performance out of the IT infrastructure. We provide
products that sit on the core Windows infrastructure, and the products helps
manage and derive performance out of that. This is the largest and the fastest
growing stack of Quest Software which is directly linked to the popularity of
Microsoft platform. The second stack, called database management, offers similar
value and it was the first offering from Quest. The third stack is of
application management, which provides performance, tuning, and diagnostic
capabilitieson either out of the box applications like PeopleSoft, Siebel,
Oracle E-Biz, or custom applications built on .Net or Java. The fourth area is
of virtualization. One could virtualize the environment but there are some
management challenges like performance that remain. We have some offerings and
are constantly working towards building it up.

How are enterprises managing their IT today?
Today, most of the enterprises are using semi-automatic or manual method for
managing their IT environment. This is changing dramatically because the cost of
people is very different. Larger organizations are looking at management and
monitoring as a one-time cost rather than having people to manage them. The
other area is report. Most organizations are doing it in an ad hoc manner,
resulting in waste of time and resources. This can be automated, which will go a
long way in streamlining the report creation process.

What would be the impact of IT spend cut that most enterprises are
contemplating on companies like Quest?
Organizations where IT is a strategic tool will see far less cut than
organizations which look at IT as a cost element. Organizations will become more
conscious about implementing a particular technology from the strategic
viewpoint, where it will increase revenue, customer satisfaction, productivity
or efficiency. Everybody is expected to do more with less now. The only way
organizations could do this is through increasing productivity, and one of the
ways is through automation which can help them move in that direction.
Ironically, I see an opportunity in this slowdown for organizations to revisit
some of the things they were doing to extract more value.

Sudesh Prasad

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