Industry Leaders Convene to Overcome Data Hurdles: Highlights from Protiviti and Alteryx Symposium Discussions

During a recent Dataquest roundtable, industry leaders discussed the challenges and opportunities in data management, focusing on the collaboration between Protiviti and Alteryx.

Aanchal Ghatak
New Update

During a recent roundtable discussion organized by Dataquest, industry leaders gathered to explore the challenges and opportunities in data management. Guided by Minu Sirsalewala, Executive Editor of Dataquest, the event focused on the strategic collaboration between Protiviti and Alteryx. Key speakers such as Varun Sharma, Jo Goh, Vincent Toh, and Sauma Das discussed Protiviti's partnership with Alteryx to foster innovation in data management and analytics.


Varun Sharma, Managing Director at Protiviti Data and Digital, opened the discussion by providing an overview of Protiviti's two-decade journey and its expanding global footprint, including new operations in Ahmedabad, India. He highlighted the critical role of data in driving business transformation and the importance of strategic partnerships in navigating the complexities of the current data landscape.

Jo Goh, Head of Partners & Alliances, Asia Pacific and Japan from Alteryx emphasized the significance of digital transformation in the Asia Pacific and Japan regions, underscoring Alteryx's commitment to driving business solutions through analytics automation. This was further elaborated by Sauma Das, Alteryx's Country Manager, who highlighted how Alteryx's analytics automation empowers organizations to leverage data effectively for business solutions.

Vincent Toh, Field and Partner Sales Engineering Leader for APJ at Alteryx, provided insights into the current business landscape, noting the growing interest in achieving more with fewer resources amid economic and social fluctuations. He discussed the potential of generative AI to enhance business operations, particularly in data analytics. Toh cited successful collaborations, such as helping Costco overcome supply chain issues and supporting SPA, a European retailer, in transitioning to a hybrid model during COVID-19. He identified key challenges like skill gaps, data silos, and data quality issues, proposing solutions such as empowering non-technical professionals with user-friendly tools and establishing robust security frameworks.


The discussion also addressed various data management challenges faced by different industries. Sunil Sonare, Head IT and CIO of ITD Cementation India Ltd, shared the significant challenges associated with migrating from SAP S/4HANA to the RISE with SAP platform, emphasizing the extensive customization and migration complexities. Purushottam Solanki, Head IT at KIMS Hospitals, highlighted the critical need for careful downtime management during hospital integration system migrations to avoid disrupting operations.

Lakshmana Vadaga, CIO of Adlabs Entertainment Ltd, focused on the importance of audit trails and leveraging data for enhancing customer experience and pricing optimization through predictive analysis. Meanwhile, Minoo Titina underscored the importance of data safety and expressed a willingness to invest in further research on the product to ensure data integrity and security.

Shankar Jadhav, Senior Partner & CIO at Singhania & Co, expressed concerns about AI reliability and data protection under the DPDP Act. He suggested data classification and cohort-based analysis as measures to enhance data privacy and compliance. Ralman Pereira, Sr. VP at Yes Bank, discussed the challenges of obtaining and analyzing data within regulatory confines, emphasizing the need to guide regulators with effective guidelines based on valuable insights from structured and unstructured data.


Suhas Mhaskar, Group CTO and CIO at Octave Group, raised concerns about integrating Alteryx with various ERP systems, especially in manufacturing sectors that use custom ERP solutions. He stressed the importance of secure and private data handling, particularly for sensitive manufacturing data. Milind Khamkar, Group CIO of Super-Max, identified the critical area for improvement in ensuring robust internal controls and minimizing risks associated with inadequate segregation of duties.

Tejas Shah, Head IT Infra and Info Security, CIO at Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd, discussed challenges in data transfer optimization, reducing cloud costs, and minimizing coding efforts for report generation. Vincent and Jo emphasized that Alteryx is user-friendly for both IT and business users, offering starter kits and flexibility in tailoring solutions. Ashwin highlighted Alteryx's accessibility for various user roles, emphasizing its low-code/no-code platform for easy workflow creation and analytics.

Dhaval Pandya, CIO of Piramal Enterprises Limited, raised practical concerns about implementing a data platform, particularly regarding data ingestion from diverse sources and ensuring data authenticity. He emphasized the need for robust ingestion capabilities, stringent data quality checks, and effective governance to balance accessibility and control.


Lalit Trivedi, Head Information Security Global at FlexM Global Pte Ltd, shared insights into the significant struggles in data migration within the steel industry, highlighting the complexities involved in streamlining data from various third-party applications. Vijay Kumar, CTO of Xanadu, expressed concerns about the high cost of deploying data solutions, robust security measures, and compliance with data privacy laws.

The discussions emphasized the need for flexible, secure, and cost-effective data solutions that accommodate diverse business needs while adhering to stringent data privacy laws. The roundtable provided valuable insights for overcoming data hurdles, fostering innovation, and driving business success in today's dynamic environment.

Key Takeaways:


1. Partnerships and Market Presence: Protiviti and Alteryx highlighted their strategic partnership and role in driving digital transformation.

2. Platform Capabilities: Alteryx offers a low-code/no-code platform, integrating with various data sources and supporting extensive functionalities.

3. Business Applications: The platform is used for audit analytics, customer segmentation, demand forecasting, and more, supporting both on-premises and cloud solutions.


4. Challenges and Solutions: Key challenges include skill gaps, data silos, and data quality issues, addressed through user-friendly tools and robust security measures.

5. Generative AI and Automation: Integration of generative AI enhances decision-making and operational efficiencies.

6. Industry Insights: Industry leaders shared experiences, emphasizing data security, effective utilization, and automation.


7. Case Studies and Real-world Applications: Examples like Costco's supply chain management illustrate Alteryx's impact on business operations.

8. Customer Empowerment: Alteryx democratizes data access, enabling employees to perform meaningful analyses and enhance productivity.