Escorts Heart Institute: IT Escorting to Health

DQI Bureau
New Update

Escorts Heart Institute & Research Center (EHIRC), a premier heart

institute, has earned its name across the globe for excellence in heart related

treatments. Having a world-class IT set-up has enabled the company to establish

itself and be counted among the best, globally.


MP Singh, Escorts Heart Insititute

EHIRC has an enterprise-wide Hospital Information System (HIS) called MedTrak.

This core application is a very elaborate system spanning across all the

functionalities of the hospital. All key modules are integrated so that the

information seamlessly flows from one module to the other. Besides, it has been

very critical in inducing a high level of discipline and efficiency into the

various processes and procedures at EHIRC.

So, even if a patient comes after 10-15 years, his/her entire information

remains intact. At any given time the doctor can see the entire record of the

patient, including lab results, previous history, medications given, etc.


EHIRC also introduced the usage of bar codes for test samples. Other

applications include the Financial Accounting system from IFS, automatic pass

vending system, etc. EHIRC is in the process of implementing the inventory

system. It has also been using telemedicine wherein test results of the

patients, in the form of files and images, are transferred from the various

satellite towns for doctor's consultation. The system also uses video

conferencing for the doctors and patients to interact on a real time basis. The

telemedicine network is connected through ISDN lines. EHIRC has also undertaken

online initiatives for queries, appointments, payments and tracking of an

inpatient's progress, as part of its B2C initiatives.



Enterprise HIS called MedTrak

- Patients' records easily available to doctors

- Doctors use video-conferencing to interact with patients


Introduction of smart cards which will carry all patient records

Maintaining and improving efficiency, even while growing in volume, has been

one of the key achievements of the automation process. Considering the sheer

volume of patients that the hospital caters to, a manual system would not have

been able to cope.

Presently, the MedTrak HIS application is deployed only at the Delhi

hospital, with the associate hospitals still running on the old in-house

systems. As the HIS application stabilizes, it plans to make it available at

other locations. It is also exploring the introduction of smart cards to carry

the patient details. Such a system can help link the patient to the hospital at

one end and the insurance company at the other, in a seamless manner, bringing

down paperwork to a minimum.