INCEDO Data Management

Ephesoft Partners with Incedo to Offer Data Management Solutions

Ephesoft announced a partnership with Incedo, an IT Services firm with experience in data management, analytics and business intelligence technologies. Incedo will leverage Ephesoft’s flagship program, Ephesoft Enterprise, in its data management and analytics practice which includes data acquisition, integration, standardization, modelling and profiling for downstream analytics and reporting.

“Many of our clients are looking to extract data from paper formats and mine it for various analytical applications,” explained Mohit Mehrotra, Vice President Strategic Sales & Relationships for Incedo. “Our partnership with Ephesoft will help our clients discover meaningful information by digitizing the content locked away in unstructured documents and integrating it with their existing systems for further mining and reporting.”

Mehrotra continued, “Examples of this scenario range from a Financial Services firm being able to fast-track their Risk and Fraud analysis from previously hidden, missing or incorrect data; a Pharma company digitally collating data paper images from previous clinical trials or claim filings; and a Healthcare company pulling validating information for accounts receivable, among others.

“Incedo offers an attractive combination of large project experience and a focused, consultative approach usually associated with smaller, specialized practices” said David Talerico, Executive Vice President Sales, North America for Ephesoft. “Their expertise in compliance, risk management, analytics and other data-driven specialties makes Incedo a knowledgeable addition to our growing partner community.”

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