Entrepreneurial tips: Basic rules one should stand by that have proven beneficial to success

Entrepreneurial tips says that one should rather take the risk, than end up wondering what would happen if I didn’t take it

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As the needs of the world keep shifting gears, information becomes more and more democratic and interpretations become subject to one’s exposure, the young take the giant leaps with the least risks. The world is not shaped by the ones who have been but shaped by the needs of the ones who will be. Marketing Gurus are forever trying to tap into that “insight” that will tell them how product, consumption needs will evolve over a period of time. And that’s precisely why the year 2022 will be shaped by youth-led entrepreneurs. The next generation will articulate exactly what they want and how they want and even when they want whatever they want.


The birth of responsible youth

In a world disrupted by now-on-now-off site working, unpredictability, the mantra to keep business going will be best seen by adapters – and a majority of them will be the under 18s. Kids who have seen the offline world in toto as well have experienced the online world. To them switching gears in a mode of communication and getting work done will be apple pie. These are youth who know their wants, their needs, and the difference between wants and needs. They have the exposure to information and the prudence to put different things together to create solutions. Armed with excellent articulation skills and a keen focus on needs followed by wants, this is a youth set to shape 2022. A youth not daunted by the limitations but excited by the opportunities.

Below are a few important rules that young budding entrepreneurs should abide by:


Rule 1. Never Give Up and Keep pushing yourself 

This is the most important rule that keeps everyone going. Every time a person pushes his/her limits and goes beyond what is set for themselves, the outcome has always been positive, if not by result, but always by learning. With every day of work, the healthy realization is that things might not always go as per plan, and giving up might seem like the easiest way out, but in times like these, not giving yourself the option to back out and pushing the boundaries has always been that blessing in disguise. There is no substitute for hard work. Nothing comes as an accomplishment instantly; success does not come overnight. You’ve got to work for what you want, to get the ripest fruit on that tree.

Rule 2. You have to be in love with what you do


“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” are words that are always etched. It gets really hard to get yourself out of bed every morning if you don't feel that kind of passion for the work because let’s be real, no two days are the same. There are good ones, and bad ones too - ones that can get bad, but if you love what you do, you push yourself through those stressful days only to wake up the next morning even more motivated to make it a good day. 

Rule 3. Take Risks

One should rather take the risk, than end up wondering what would happen if I didn’t take it. Never be afraid to make that decision because you feel like people will talk about it. Sometimes it’ll work in your favor, and boost your confidence for the next step forward, and others it won’t, but the best belief is no risk and no effort ever goes to waste. There’s always teaching, and a lesson that you back with. Never be afraid to take the unconventional route. 


Rule 4- Take it personally

A really important rule which has been key to the success is that you and every one part of your company have to always take any positive or negative comment about the brand personally.

The article has been written by Vedant Mahajan, Founder – MVM London