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Enterprise digital transformation via Alibaba Cloud Big Data and AI platform

At the Virtual AI Summit in Hong Kong, Sijukumar Kumaran, Director, International Data Intelligence Services, Alibaba Cloud, spoke about the enterprise digital transformation through Alibaba Cloud Big Data and AI platform.

Data empowers the enterprises! Data is needed to build a common vision. Data is also need to optimize the operations. Data is also required to power the smart systems. Data is also needed to create new businesses.

There are several challenges that need to be overcome. Some are isolated systems, huge data volume, different data formats, diversified solutions, data duplication, monitoring data workflows, complexities to integrate. There is also the need to maintain data quality.

Everything is customer driven! We have to increase the customer base and increase transactions. There is also the need to retain customers. You also need data-driven business insights. Alibaba offers the right product/service to the right customer at the right time.

There is need for a unified data platform, an analytics platform, and dashboard reporting. What is happening behind the scenes should not impact the customers. There is also the need for a cloud-based, serverless, fully-managed platform.

Alibaba has a group data intelligence ecosystem. There are computing engines. On top of this are the data apps and data business features. Alibaba’s data methodology involves business/data and data middle office. There are the business solutions, middle-end platform and the infrastructure. The key features of this platform are OneData, OneID, and OneService. OneModel eliminates the contractive metrics by 100%. Algorithm-based entry ID is unified under OneID. OneService allows data access simplification via unified view.

There are thousands of data workflows. We need to have a single data workflow. That leads to data governance, quality control, etc. There is also a cloud data intelligence development platform. Alibaba offers the all-in-one Big Data development, governance, management and analysis platform. Besides the data governance, it also manages the data development.

We need to ensure that the data derived is of the right quality. We also need to pay attention to the cyber security. Data governance is key as data quality problems can pull back the development data warehouse. Data quality problem is common across the various data warehouses. Alibaba Cloud has a DQC workflow. There is also the data lineage.

There are three takeaway points. Cloud-based serverless, fully-managed Big Data and AI ecosystem is necessary. Business and data middle office methodology are tailored for enterprise transformation. Alibaba has been following the best practices, such as, OneData, OneID and OneService.

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