English - The Most Spam Sending Language

New Update

We are all worried about the constantly sophisticating cyberattacks. But have we ever wondered the language we use the most is the same language that spammers are using! A combination of newer and older threat variations defined the cybersecurity landscape in the first quarter of 2015.  A Trend Micro new report, revealed that English is the most spam sending language with a shared of 84.49%.

Threat report

Chinese (1.86%) has emerged as the second most spam sending language followed by German (1.27%), Japanese (1.15%), Russian (0.70%), Portuguese (0.61%), Spanish (0.54%), Polish (0.43%), French (0.38%), Italian (0.09%), and Others (8.48%).

“It is appalling that the language which is connecting the whole world is also connecting us with spammers. It has emerged as a serious concern and the world needs to be careful on their every activity on the web as attacks are clearly more attentive that you are,” said Dhanya Thakkar, Managing Director, APAC - Trend Micro.

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