eMSMESaarthi is easy to navigate and discover right solution: Ajva

eMSMESaarthi is very easy to navigate and discover the right solution for MSMEs, says Ajva Fintech CPO, Rupesh Jain

Pradeep Chakraborty
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Ajva Fintech Pvt Ltd specializes in providing quick and one-stop solution to aid financial, taxation and compliance requirements. The dedicated team is constantly researching, demystifying the complex requirements and enabling deep understanding of the financial system, government schemes and related compliance.


Here, Rupesh Jain, CPO, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: How has been the journey of Ajva so far? Elaborate.

Rupesh Jain: The journey has been full of energy and excitement. We have been able to deliberate and think through deeply on the requirements of MSMEs. We have built a diverse team of product and technical knowledge and expertise. We have launched some of our products on MVP basis, and tested the markets for delivery and smoothening of an MSME journey. Full product development has started and progressed well. The coming year will be full of product launches by AJVA.


DQ: Elaborate on the EMSMESarthi.

Rupesh Jain: MSME scheme discovery platform called “eMSMESaarthi”, is a unique first of its kind automated system in India. The platform helps in providing transparency to all the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises in disseminating information about government schemes.

eMSMESaarthi is very easy to navigate and discover the right solution. MSMEs need to input their business specific credentials such as MSME classification (Micro/Small/Medium), Industry type, Entity type, Business location, etc., to discover the customized scheme list. After the discovery of a curated scheme list, users can select the scheme they wish to avail of and can generate a detailed diagnostic report from the system.


DQ: Are you looking to raise funds? How are you helping your clients?

Rupesh Jain: We are in the process of raising funds. This fund raised will be used for the speedy development of the various products of eMSME .

We are developing various products for MSMEs in the areas of accountancy, taxation, compliances, payroll etc. These products are going to empower and structure the MSME’s and help them scale up by being more bankable and credible. We are making them structured, compliant, and thus credible. These products will take away the responsibility of non-core functions of the enterprise and the entrepreneur can focus on the core business activities.


DQ: What is the business model of Ajva and product offerings?

Rupesh Jain: At AJVA, we offer products directly to MSMEs and in partnership with our partner banks (Yes Bank and IDFC First Bank). With a unique business model, AJVA Fintech provides MSMEs a price discovery platform for various required products that are predictable and measurable in nature. Its extensive services in the areas of Accounting, Compliances, Taxation, and more are highly regarded in the market and promise to give its customers an edge.

Being India’s unique platform on Government Scheme Discovery, AJVA Fintech hosts an integrated enterprise ecosystem with a blend of futuristic technology, making it an ideal choice over its competitors.


DQ: What are your upcoming association and partnerships?

Rupesh Jain: We are currently partnered with Yes Bank and IDFC First as their beyond banking service partners.

We are also in talks to partner with various other banks, MSME associations and corporates to build a sustainable ecosystem for the MSMEs.

DQ: How has Ajva built SaaS for Indian enterprises for taxes, payments, and invoices?

Rupesh Jain: At AJVA, we are building tools for self-filing of various returns like income tax, GST, TDS etc. We are also building tools for invoicing, e-invoicing, e-way bills, accounting etc. These tools will be integrated to provide a single SaaS tool for all the compliance needs of an MSME. These tools are being built keeping in mind the requirements and business models of micro and small enterprises. These tools are designed to be user friendly and ease the entire compliance system.