Empower Labs redefines mobile gaming space through AR

Empower Labs, a gaming startup founded by Krishna Milan Rao, Karthik Chandra Isola, and Nelvin Joseph; is at the cusp of a gaming revolution in India with Augmented Reality tech. Based out of Hyderabad, this AR gaming technology startup has been working on their flagship product, ‘Delta T’.

India’s 1st Augmented Reality MMORPG- Delta T

Delta T is India’s 1st AR MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that integrates addictive gameplay, in-depth plot lines and real-world interaction in one riveting offering. ‘Time Travel’ is the core theme of the game, hence the name ‘Delta T’ (difference in time) where gamers strive to control their future, by altering their timelines in the present. The game is based in a dystopian futuristic setting where the world is overrun by four mega-corporations who battle it out for global supremacy.

The fascinating gameplay

The core gameplay of ‘Delta T’ is battle for survival and dominance on behalf of the player’s Megacorporation. When gamers log on to Delta T, they see their actual location, using their phone’s GPS as the point where the game begins. They need to move around in the real world and interact with people, things and places to play the game. They can also scan for and challenge nearby gamers to battles in real-time, turning the urban landscape into a battlefield. ‘Delta T’ encourages gamers to network with each other to achieve common goals for their Megacorporation.

Augmented Reality and its place in the market

The Global Augmented Reality Market is projected to reach $120 Billion by 2020 (According to Digi-Capital). Augmented Reality mobile gaming apps are poised to reach 420 million downloads by 2019 according to Juniper Research.

Mr. Krishna Milan Rao, the CEO of Empower Labs stated, “We wanted to deliver AR content to the audience in a package that they are comfortable with, requires minimal investment, and is most exciting for the users. Gaming allows us to tap into an audience of early adopters and promote maximum engagement with the AR ecosystem. Our product ‘Delta T’ brings the experience of AR to the smartphones of billions of users across the world as an accessible app that is ‘free to play’.”

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