Employers are looking to hire trained fresh IT graduates: Experis IT

Overall hiring intention of IT employers remains stable for the period April to September 2019 with a marginal increase of 0.41 percentage says Experis IT

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Experis IT

According to the Experis IT Employment Outlook Survey released today by Experis IT – ManpowerGroup India, IT hiring intentions will be steady for the period April’19 – September’19. IT professionals can look forward to fresh job opportunities through the upcoming months.


Manmeet Singh, President at Experis IT, ManpowerGroup India states: “India, as an economy, has fared well in the game of talent competitiveness and ease of doing business. Jobs are being created. According to NASSCOM's annual strategic review, the Indian IT industry has seen significant growth in the recent times. The report states that India’s $160-billion IT industry created 1.7 lakh new jobs in 2018. Many of these new jobs are created in the domain of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, and cybersecurity.

But the talent shortage gap is yet to be filled. And changing skills needs is pushing talent shortage further up. Lack of available talent is what makes it difficult for Indian employers to fill job positions, especially in IT.

Government and corporations are taking up training and upskilling initiatives to fill this gap.


Employers are embracing innovative and flexible ways of working, and talent is the currency of success. The captives are largely leveraging India's talent pool to set up their innovation centres. Given the quality of talent India has, a coalition between the industry bodies, IT companies and the Government to equip this talent pool with the required skills may help us leverage the labor cost arbitrage and create more jobs in the IT sector.

In the face of rapid technological advancement, companies will need professionals who are creative thinkers, agile adapters and fast learners. Hiring parameters are, therefore, changing, with increasing demand for higher calibre candidates in the lower age group to fit the job requirements. Those with the right skills and a learning curve will remain relevant in the world of work.

The recruitment domain is also going through an automation revamp. The conventional practice of a management-driven approach, which seemed one-sided, has been taken over by a candidate-driven method, putting the spotlight on the candidate. Candidate are being seen as consumers of the HR services. Organizations are therefore thinking actively about Employer branding to attract talent.” added Mr. Singh.

According to the Talent Shortage Survey conducted by ManpowerGroup, 45% employers across the world said they can’t find the skills they need. For India, the statistics are alarming. 56% Indian employers said they face difficulty filling roles. Employers are more active than ever in applying a mix of workforce strategies to address talent shortages. Outsourcing to another company or country is a consideration for 16% of employers that cannot find the talent they need. Working with partners that specialize in fast-changing tech roles that are often project-based – cloud-computing, Java, DevOps or cybersecurity – can be more efficient than sourcing and maintaining capabilities in-house. Globally, more than half (56%) of employers say communication skills, written and verbal, are their most valued human strengths followed by collaboration and problem-solving.