Employee Focused

Spanco, a new entrant in the survey, always kept low on the BPO front. Nevertheless, it has ranked 5th in the survey, confirming that it surely knows how to keep its employees satisfied. If money means happiness to some, the company made many employees happy by its excellent appraisals and salary structure. Trying to build a brand as an employee focused company, it ensured that its salary structure was kept aligned to the market data, tracked by regular external salary surveys. Its performance for pay concept kept either side comfortable. The appraisal structure of the company was found to be very transparent (it entails a very elaborate 360 degree feedback process involving the CEO as well).
Findings of the survey suggested exciting growth opportunities in Spanco. BPO is no longer just a filler, but a serious career option for many nowadays. Through an effective time bound, performance based career growth path designed by the company, employees get fast track promotions even at junior levels. All senior positions are filled internally as far as possible. Its training structure is well designed with special emphasis on leadership programs to train team leaders, the first level of management in the organization. In addition, the company organizes regular business etiquette programs, skill improvement programs, and team building sessions for its employees.
What didnt find too much favor with the employees was its work culture and gender inclusivity factor. The survey suggested that the male to female ratio was not quite balanced. Ruling out any case of discrimination, the company said it will make special efforts to balance the ratio. As far as the work culture was concerned, while the company promises to look into the reason for dissatisfaction, it stresses that the campus to corporate transition takes time and the young workforce finds it difficult to adapt to the unexpected regimented corporate routines. While that could be very true, the company surely needs to do more to ensure that the employees feel a sense of belongingness, as money perhaps isnt everything to everyone after all.

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