EMC makes Redefine Possible

Emerging trends of SMAC are rewriting the rules of business. IT vendors are lining up their innovations to enhance the customers’ journey of technology transition. EMC announced a multitude of products at their recently concluded EMC Forum, Seoul.

IT is increasingly being viewed as a tool for digital business transformation and innovation. Today in this fast paced world, businesses need to be agile and cut costs and legacy to stay competitive. The CIOs have the arduous task to maintain that fine balance of risk.

As Business gets redefined, IT cannot lag behind. The Emerging IT has to provide the stakeholders instant, seamless access to information through mobile devices. Customer centric Application with the capability of incorporating customer feedback in real time is the need of the hour. Present IT Systems are focused on Data warehousing while IT skills are focused on reporting historical internal data. Both are likely to prove inadequate in an attempt to process vast, wide variety of eco-system data to construct predictive models for the future. Siloed infrastructure, high labour costs incurred to manage and slow pace of provisioning have to make way for a software defined data center before expanding on to a hybrid cloud. The objective is to ensure immediate access to low cost, elastic compute, storage and network infrastructure. Finally, perimeter based, intrusion prevention focused security arrangements have to transform into adaptive data driven security to respond to emerging threats.

EMC offers a unique federation of companies to address the changing dynamics. EMC continues to offer the converged information infrastructure at the base. Just above that, VMware presents enterprise mobility and
software defined datacenter solutions and on top, there is Pivotal to extend the Big data solutions and an agile platform as a service to develop to modern applications. RSA becomes the security provider across platforms. Offering of VSPEX/VBLOCK provides the capability of managing a hybrid cloud as one cloud. All along, partners
are leveraged to provide the solutions from multiple vendors and hence offering the all important choice to
the customers. There are basically 5 solutions which are being offered Software defined datacenter, Platform
as a service, Virtual Workspace, Security Analytics & Big Data Analytics.

EMC announced some amazing enhancements to the existing portfolio of storage. Starting at the top of the
line Extreme IO

For starters, there is an X-brick which allows for dynamic, seamless expansion. The new offerings include 50%
larger clusters, 12 active controllers, 1.5x sustained performance. The new features include inline compression,
inline encryption of data and agile writeable snapshots. The system is characterized with ample scale-out IOPs,
flash for the entire application leading to enhanced business productivity and faster application development

The new system design merits attention. This marks the entry of Dynamic Virtual Matrix and Hypermax
Operating System. The Dynamic Virtual Matrix enables dynamic allocation of cores and resources at the
platform level. The Hypermax Operating System can be branded as Industry’s first converged storage
hypervisor OS, allowing data services to be consumed inside the system, along with solutions to help manage,
in hybrid clouds.

Isilon will be part of the “data lake” offering, a holistic storage solution with data management, performance
management and data security. It presents newer platforms of IOPS and throughput performance combined
with new access methods of SMB multi-channel, HDFS 2.3 and OpenStack Swift, accelerated performance
through employing Flash as cache to enhance new solutions for converged infrastructure or Hadoop Big Data

EMC acquires Twinstrata:
TwinStrata is a technology company based out of Massachusetts, US. TwinStrata offers CloudArray which enables the client to scale SAN or NAS with on demand cloud storage from multiple providers like AWS,
Rackspace and a host of others along with backup and recovery solutions. This can be a strategic step for EMC to lead the clients seamlessly from Physical storage to cloud, without having to sacrifice on existing set up.

It is evident that amidst the giant strides of tech enhancements, EMC’s strategy of federation companies are likely to hold good for the industry as it offers the customers the very important “choice”. The individual
companies complement each other in their quest to offer a holistic solution extended to the end users willing to revamp, or the option to append a particular technology. EMC’s realization of the evolution of marketplace
and aligning the IT advancements to make life simpler for the businesses will go a long way in boosting EMC federation ahead of its competition.

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