Embrace digital payments smartly with Cardinal

New Update

Credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets are loaded with offers but they are hard to keep track of. Well, not anymore!


RMgX has announced a new smartphone app Cardinal which knows all the offers on your credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets; and its smart recommendation algorithm can suggest the best card to use at a location to maximize your savings.

The surge towards a cashless economy in this country has been on a steady rise. Based on RBI's data, there are around 430 million cards in circulation and total monthly expenditure is more than 450 billion rupees. Post demonetization, the growth of digital payments has spiked. But what people miss out while making digital payments is that all their cards and digital wallets are loaded with offers, but it's difficult to remember them at the right place and at the right time - thereby missing out on the benefits.

Cardinal helps solve this problem by telling its users about the offers running in their vicinity on their cards and digital wallets. Cardinal can also help a user decide the best card to use at a location for maximum savings, and even a place to spend, based on the offers on their cards.


For example, suppose you visit Connaught Place (a popular shopping, dining and re-creation place in the heart of New Delhi) for coffee with your friends, Cardinal will automatically notify you about the offers running nearby. Furthermore, when you are at any given store, you can ask Cardinal about the best card to use at that location to maximize your savings.

Cardinal’s location aware recommendation engine not just targets the right offer to the right user but also ​at the right place and at the right time​.

Moreover, an AI(artificial intelligence) backed algorithm is in works which will give the capability to continuously learns about user's visit patterns and can even suggest the deal based on your habits. Take for example, if you are frequent flyer and travel to airport every Monday, you will be notified in advance that there is a lounge waiting for you at the airport based on the offer running on one of your cards.


On an average, based on a lifestyle pattern and using conservative estimates, a user of Cardinal can save up to Rs. 2,500 – 5,000 per month by using the right card at the right place.

"Cardinal’s mission is to make its users Card-Smart! by helping them use the digital instruments to their benefit. Every time they think of spending, they can reach for Cardinal." says Nishant Varshney founder RMgX, the company behind Cardinal.

He adds, "Cardinal creates a win-win for card users, banks and merchants; since by recommending the right offer to the user, Cardinal helps them save while increasing transaction volumes for the banks on their products and sales/footfall for the merchants running those offers."


Cardinal is available on Android platform as of now and very soon will be available on iOS as well.

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