Are Electromagnetic Fields Carcinogenic?

Let’s verify and take adequate measures for your health

By:  Manas Ganguly, Founder, Brightsandz Clean Tech 

Wireless technology has become an integral part of human life. The exponential boom in fast and ubiquitous internet and digital media has led to a steep surge in installation of cellular base stations in residential colonies. Additionally, Wi-Fi routers have also become a common device in every office, home or public place.These wireless technologies and networks lead to increased exposure of Electromagnetic field on human health and environment.

Cell phones, base stations and other wireless devices emit radio frequency waves which are non- ionizing radiation that can easily be absorbed by the tissues of human body. Over the time, the mobile minutes of usage both in terms of voice calls and data has increased which results in excessive emission of EMF. The continuous low level exposure from these wireless networks causes severe health issues related to migraine, anxiety, depression and brain tumour, etc.

According to the reports of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a part of World Health Organization, radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation from cellular base stations, repeaters and WIFIs and excessive use of cell phones are possibly carcinogenic to humans. The EMF from these terminals can lead to increased risk of cancerous – brain tumour. The All India Institute of Management studies (AIIMS) in a report in March 2017, established a causal relationship between 45 minutes of daily phone call time (with the receiver next to the ear) can lead to 33% increase in risk of brain tumour on a decadal term.

Simultaneously, several international researchers are conducting various studies to classify EMF from wireless terminals as carcinogenic. Moreover, their existing studies state that the impact of microwave radiation is more adverse on pregnant women, their foetus and children. Since the body and skull of children are relatively smaller than adults, they are more absorbent to EMF and tissue damage. They have also found several indirect links between Electromagnetic field exposure and childhood leukaemia.

However in this fast evolving world, one cannot consider this as a call to throw off their mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers. But there are adequate measures that can be taken to reduce the impact EMF on body tissues. It is important to make a right choice between a convenient lifestyle and a healthy mind and body for a better life.

The most effective ways to avoid high EMF exposure is to switch off the Wi-Fi routers and maintain adequate distance from all the terminals that emit harmful radiation waves. Even a simple act of using a headphone while talking on mobile phone can be developed as a habit in order to reduce the exposure of radiation field by as much as 50% depending upon the usage of the phone in a day.

Similarly, not keeping electronic appliances and devices such as inverters, Wi-Fi routers and stabilizers in or close to the bedroom area cuts down the radiation exposure and gives a better sleep. These small steps can form the strong base for having a healthy mind and long life.

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