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Edureka Launches Tech Career Guide for In-Demand Technologies

This 360-degree career guide from Edureka also touches upon industry outlook, job trends, salaries, and learning hours for these technologies

Aimed at addressing the skill gap in the IT industry, Edureka launched their Tech Career Guide 2019 – a one of its kind guide that provides  technology professionals with the precise learning paths for in-demand technologies namely, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Blockchain and Cybersecurity. This 360-degree career guide also touches upon industry outlook, job trends, salaries, and learning hours for these technologies in addition to sharing findings of a survey on the most sought-after technology job roles this year.

Vineet Chaturvedi, Co-Founder, Edureka, said, “Today’s IT professionals are already aware of the importance of re-skilling in the fast-evolving industry. What they lack is structured and expertly-curated learning paths to the rewarding job roles which they aspire to land soon. We have observed that while preparing for such roles they often get misled by irrelevant information online or waste too much time finding their own way. We have launched the Edureka Tech Career Guide to fulfill this need and help IT professionals efficiently prep for the trending technology jobs where there exists a huge skill gap.”

The Edureka Tech Career Guide seeks to answer the most frequently asked questions around technology career paths, especially those for emerging technologies while providing credible information based on Edureka’s deep expertise in these technologies. It is the ultimate resource for technology professionals seeking answers on the most searched queries:

  • Which technical skills are worth learning?
  • Which job titles are the most rewarding & their industry outlook?
  • The exact career path to hot technology job roles, recommended learning hours & resources

The Edureka Tech Career Guide 2019 aims to offer all this and more to technology professionals who are unsure of the learning path to their dream career. It also gives the recommended learning roadmap to those who have already started their learning journey and provide course correction if needed.

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