Is EDR good enough for your company?

Managed XDR is a 24/7 service for organizations that want to leverage the benefits of XDR, and for organizations with security operations centers (SOCs)

Aanchal Ghatak
New Update

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a first good step for your organization. But, this is the time is when we should just go beyond the endpoint's protection.


The future of cybersecurity will be defined through the key drivers of today’s technology landscape, such as ‘Hybrid Cloud Security and Evolution’ and ‘Cross Generation Detection and Response’.

In order to successfully and securely shifting to the digital transformation, every company will become a cybersecurity company. In this regard, Cloudsec India 2019 was hosted by Trend Micro, in Mumbai, focusing on these two drivers of cybersecurity.

An EDR shows the exact endpoint visibility with the detection telemetry data and records the endpoint activity for the right insights to help security analysts discover, investigate and respond to very advanced threats and broader attack campaigns stretching across multiple endpoints.


Security breaches are more prevalent than ever, and most enter networks via endpoints. Correlation and analytics across security layers through cross generation detection and response can manage the security tasks.

Trend Micro also announced the launch of its local managed XDR datacenter service in India. While many customers are considering outsourcing complex security tasks to cybersecurity professionals, many are concerned about their sensitive data leaving the country. The local managed XDR datacenter service solves this data sovereignty issue.

Nilesh Jain, VP, Southeast Asia and India, Trend Micro, said: "Today, data is collected and analyzed in silos, however what enterprises need is to collect and analyze data as a whole and be able to generate high-priority, actionable intelligence with context. To address this challenge, we recently launched our XDR solution that will be a game-changer for the industry. Managed XDR is a great service for customers who have detection and response tools, but don’t have the required resources or skill sets to maximize them."


Managed XDR is a 24/7 service for organizations that want to leverage the benefits of XDR, and for organizations with security operations centers (SOCs) that may want additional detection and response support. Managed XDR seamlessly dovetails with Trend Micro’s overarching XDR strategy in FY2020.

He added: “The engagement around cybersecurity is no longer limited to CISOs and CIOs. At Trend Micro, we have taken the engagement to the next level by speaking to the application team and the operations team. We are also looking at initiatives like a community day to deepen our interactions with the DevOps professionals.

"Our top three priorities for India this year are to – first, focus on hybrid cloud customers who are looking to grow aggressively; second, build on the existing customers, including those who are sitting on the fence evaluating prospective options; and, finally, to recruit and grow our partner ecosystem.”