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EBS claims it can help you start your online business in 24 hours

E-Billing Solutions, a pan-India online payment gateway, offers the ’Go Live in 24 hours’ promise to merchants who wish to set up online business.

Startups are always on the lookout for an appropriate payment gateway partner to start accepting online payments for their venture with a minimum lead-time. With EBS’ promise of ‘Go Live in 24 hours’, it has not only simplified the payment integration processes, but also ensured that startups do not lose out on business opportunities due to unnecessary delays.

EBS makes life simpler and easier for new merchants in the highly competitive market by actually delivering on its promise. EBS is able to activate payment gateway solutions within 24 hours by merely optimizing its internal workflows and cutting through the red tapes. At the same time, EBS also ensures that all legal and compliances are being addressed appropriately.

Speaking on the need to stand true to its word when it comes to enabling ‘Go Live in 24 hours’, Bhavin Mody, Director, E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd, said, “We understand the urgency and the importance of the merchants looking for payment gateways to kick start their venture. Delays in initiating these services postpone their business plans and this can also impact their crucial business milestones. In view of this, we have put in place this valuable offering to help new businesses take off on time.”

The merchants can choose from various pricing plans offered by EBS viz. Economy for 4,799; Starter for 9,599; Standard for 15,999 and Premium for 23,999 for merchants purchasing these plans on

EBS is continuously expanding its network to successfully cater to the ever increasing tech savvy population. It offers the widest range of payment options currently available in India and innumerable intuitive products to enable seamless transaction experience for end consumers.

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