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Earn money in your wallet with these 5 Apps


How many hours in a day do you spend on your smartphone? A recent study by mobileinsurance.com has revealed that the average person spends 90 mins a day on their phone. That figure may not sound like a lot but that amounts up to 23 days a year and 3.9 years of the average person’s life.

Can you use this time to earn money while using your smartphone? Yes, now there are many apps which can help you earn your pocket money while surfing on your smartphone.



Have a look at these 5 apps that can help you in earning some extra money even when you are sitting idle.

1. App Trailers  

app trailers

If you love watching videos on your Smartphone, then this app will help you earn reward points. You just have to preview ‘Video Trailers’ of Apps and get points that you can redeem with PayPal cash, Amazon gift codes and many more . Watch the hottest high quality streaming videos that you have never seen before! App Trailers is completely FREE to use and is a great way to quickly view and check out the best Videos.





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