e4e India: Value-added Funding

Sridhar Mitta, Managing DirectorThe
obvious question: how is it different? Well, first, the packaging is different.
Unlike the multitudes of venture funds and angel investors who believe in the
law of averages, e4e is packaging itself as India’s first "technology
holding company" focusing its fund outlay of $300 million on select
investments over the next three years. Second, it has been founded or funded by
success icons like KB Chandrashekar of Exodus, Somshanker Das, ex-partner of
Walden International and Sridar Mitta, ex-CTO of Wipro.

Fact Sheet

Start-up Year: 2000
MD: Sridhar Mitta
Management: Anand Talwai, Subash Reddy
Products and Services: Venture funding
Address: e4e Labs
Divyashree Chambers
3rd Floor, Langford Road Bangalore 560025
Tel: 2072140
Fax: 2072186 
Web site: www.e4einc.com 
Contact: Anand Talwai, 
VP, network services
E-mail: anand.talwai@e4eLabs.com

How e4e, as a technology holding company, is different
vis-a-vis the regular VCs? e4e is unlike other funding agencies like venture
capitalists, incubators and investment banks, which help companies and
entrepreneurs with money. Apart from the normal funding, e4e guides
entrepreneurs from the idea stage and leads them through the start-up and
execution stages till the company moves on the growth tangent. e4e will help its
portfolio companies by providing people and markets as well as identifying
technology trends and opportunities. It also helps its partner companies develop
new technologies in its own in-house R&D center, e4e labs.

Apart from being with its portfolio companies for a long
time, the company intends to focus on building only one or two large core
companies in its defined market space. It will then surround such core companies
with key investments in related companies with complementary technology and
market relationships. Overall, e4e intends to focus on about 10—12 companies
in its five defined market domains: network management services, managed IT
services, IT consulting and implementation services, wireless data services and

e4e is positioning itself as a platform for the next wave of
outsourcing–infrastructure provisioning and management of the infrastructure
outsourcing. With its Indian subsidiary, the group intends to tap the outsour—cing
opportunities for the US-based entrepreneurs by providing access to remote
delivery systems, managerial and technology skills in India. And for India-based
entrepreneurs, it will provide access to global markets. All signs that e4e will
sizzle among the multitude of venture capitalists. DQ

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