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Youth Power
I appreciate the effort that goes into collecting the data from the states for various stories under your section, Case File, but I have one suggestion to make. With the youth population in India at a staggering 65%, your magazine should try and incorporate what the youth feels about various governance issues. This can be done by first educating them on issues and then generating a consensus on these. Youth cannot be ignored when we are talking about e-Governance today, because they are the next-generation leaders.
Ananya Kaul, New Delhi

Go Wi-Fi
Your story Pune Un-WiredPunes move to become the first wireless city in India is a great step forward. By doing this, Pune has taken a leap over Bangalore and Hyderabad, in having a high-speed wireless Internet network even before the Centers much-awaited spectrum policy is announced. The city undoubtedly deserves a big round of applause. Having said that, what we would also be interested in is knowing, why other cities, the so called commercial and IT hubs of India are not trying, or if so what is happening on that front. I believe with the increased level of e-governance initiatives and project line-up in various states, being wireless will come handy. We are already way behind of our Asian counterparts, China and Japan as far as the Internet penetration is concerned. We need to really do something drastic to catch the bus if governance has to improve.
Roop Kumar Patel, Gujarat

Check Cybersquatters
The information in your section on Web Watch was thought provoking. It correctly pointed out that the government should identify some of the sites, which are clear-cut cases of cybersquatting and work-towards evicting them. At present, India does not have any cybersquatting laws. It is a serious issue related to intellectual property right. The government needs to check this and fast.
Mala Das, Kolkata

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