e-Learning: Saba Makes A Knock

knowledge being the backbone in a digital economy, organizations are placing
greater emphasis on training and re-training their employees with skills to meet
the latest business challenges. Training has achieved prime importance, with the
old adage ‘knowledge is power’ being never more true than now.

Training is not merely a tool for updating your knowledge. It
enables you to specialize in special fields of knowledge. But corporates are
still struggling with various issues like the content of a training program,
speed of training, effectiveness or the possibility of training a large number
of people. Training your employees spread across the globe is another issue that
corporates are confronted with. Yet another challenge in training is to
balancing different styles of working people. For the US market alone, IDC has
estimated the size of online learning to be $2 billion. It is projected to grow
to $5.5 billion by 2002.

Training benefits

The challenge lies in empowering the employees to develop and
constantly enhance their skill-sets. Organizations should not only provide
information but also distribute and capture knowledge. This should be carried
out in an atmosphere conducive to a dynamic learning environment, so as to
transform an information driven business into a knowledge driven business.

Mumbai-based Saba Software India plays a part in making the
knowledge economy a reality with its internet learning solutions. Saba Corp,
Saba India’s parent, was founded in 1997 by former Oracle executives and is
headquartered in Redwood City California. It offers consultancy in management,
business process reengineering, technical implementation, education and support
services. Education management systems is its flagship product. Saba recently
introduced the version two of Saba Learning Online, which extends the online
capabilities of existing Saba education management systems platform by enabling
learners to switch between self-paced, instructor led and study group modes. It
has among its clients Baan, Ceridian Corp, Netscape Commn and Wells Fargo bank.
Saba has partnered with LearningByte International to offer its e-learning

Saba enables businesses to deploy their employee training,
competency development and customer education activities over the web. It
provides the front and back-end applications to capture, track and manage all
the information and transactions that surround education resources, products and
services. The ability to create the right competencies with the right education
programs is of utmost importance. Saba Learning Enterprise provides the
information and expertise that identify the needs of the employees and
accordingly provide them with the appropriate education programs.

By tailoring learning to fit specific employee needs there
can be a significant increase in the competency levels at low costs. Saba
identifies and maintains detailed employee profiles, thus enabling planning and
implementing personalized training programs based on individual needs. Paul
Greening, VP, Asia Pacific, Saba, says, “Saba education management system
(EMS) is not just about controlling an organization, but the whole management
aspect of it.” Saba EMS is half instructor-led and half web-based.

There is a growing need among corporates for unified and open
internet learning solutions. According to Gaurav Mehra, MD, Saba India, “We
are excited that LearningByte, the training

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