DST Invites Online Proposals on Waste Management Technologies from Engineers and Scientists

DST has invited proposals from scientists, engineers, researchers and technologists under the Waste Management Technologies Program

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Department of Science and Technology (DST) has invited online proposals from scientists, engineers, and technologists for the Waste Management Technologies Program initiated by DST, Government of India. Applicants must be working in universities, academic institutions; R&D institutions, and laboratories that have adequate infrastructure and facilities to carry out R&D work.


The program aims at making the environment better through the usage of scientific innovation to treat the huge amount of residuals generated by industrial development and consumption lifestyle. The online proposals should mention clearly achievable milestones, timelines, justifiable budget requirement and engagement with prospective technology transfer partners or technology transfer facilitating bodies, says DST.

Objectives of the Waste Management Technologies Program by DST

  • Taking stock of technological development, assessing, analysing and looking for material recycling systems with low environment loading and improve upon them or find better alternatives.
  • Developing waste management technologies that can be adopted in small and medium scale enterprises in order to improve their productivity and global competitiveness.
  • Establishing techno-economic feasibility of proposed methodologies or technologies.

Some Topics on Which Online Proposals Can Be Sent to DST

  • Treatment and possible reuse of fouled membranes.
  • Smart/AI system for operation and maintenance of waste treatment systems.
  • Management and recycling of End of Life Vehicles, Tyres, Batteries, Catalytic Converters and other subcomponents.
  • Management of waste from the Power Industry.
  • Industrial Hazardous & non-hazardous Wastes, including Steel Industry and Mining Waste.

Interested applicants would be required to send online proposals before 14 November 2020 on the official website. . Financial support will be provided to those selected for temporary staff salaries, equipment, consumables, domestic travel and other miscellaneous items. Those who wish to know more about the initiative are advised to go through the official notification for more details.