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It is said that visual is the most effective form of interaction. No interaction works with as much impact as person-to-person communication do. But how do large enterprises collaborate and work seamlessly when the workforce is spread across geographies? Video conferencing is the answer and that's what Dr Reddy's Laboratories, the India-based global pharmaceutical company did in effectively managing its growing collaboration needs. The company deployed Polycom's video collaboration solutions.


Through the implementation of Polycom's RealPresence mobile video solutions across iOS and Android smartphones and tablet devices, Dr Reddy's senior level executives are now able to join critical internal meetings from anywhere, while on the move. The company has also deployed management suites monitoring and scheduling capabilities.

"Our company's global demand for instant communication across distances, particularly between R&D teams to make decisions quickly, meant that we required more effective and efficient ways to collaborate. With Polycom video, we are getting the most comprehensive UC infrastructure that meet our needs to deliver wide-scale communications across the company, enabling our research and technical teams to meet across any distance, and collaborate securely and instantly for vital consultation and decision-making," quips Atanu Roy.

Polycom teamed up with HP to deliver a complete end-to-end video collaboration solution that satisfied Dr Reddy's requirements, working with a wide range of UC solutions, including Microsoft Lync, which the company looks to deploy in time. With the combination of Lync and Polycom RealPresence solutions, employees will be able to launch video collaboration sessions easily and intuitively from within familiar interfaces and normal workflows, from any work environment-on or off premises.



Businesses from different verticals are realizing how ubiquitous video conferencing, open standards-based interoperability, and immersive telepresence can transform their businesses at a global level. The ability for people to collaborate and work together is mission-critical for any organization. Visual collaboration has now evolved from being a cost-saving tool to a strategic business advantage.

Polycom RealPresence Telepresence Immersive solutions facilitate a real-as-life video collaboration experience that anyone can pick up and use without the need to call IT for assistance. "Simply walk in and start collaborating as if you were sitting across the table in the same room and experience clarity so realistic, you will forget you are thousands of miles apart, says Alok Anand, head of marketing, India & Saarc Polycom.

According to industry reports, the size of the unified communication market in India was $465 mn in 2010, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% till 2017 with increased adoption by SMBs. Such growth figures reflect the optimism among the industry players about the adoption of such solutions by enterprises.