Droom launches an array of exclusive categories of vehicles

Droom is leaving no stone unturned to provide its customers with the best and the most desired features which are otherwise extremely difficult to attain. In its latest offering, Droom has enlisted five categories namely ‘Mint vehicles,’ ‘VIP numbers’, ‘Odd-Even numbers’, ‘Hard-To-Find’ and ‘Old-Is-Gold’ which cater to a wide spectrum of exclusive customer desires which might sometimes be just the element that makes your vehicle transcend from good to exceptional.

Vehicles belonging to the Mint Vehicles category are in actuality used vehicles which are in pristine, almost brand-new condition. Supercars and superbikes, doctor-driven vehicles, motorcycles etc. which, are in a condition that is equal, if not better than, any new vehicle are offered to the buyers.

It is always a desire of every young boy/girl to drive in one of those swanky cars that have cool number plates such as 0007, 111, 786 etc. Droom, however can convert this dream into reality with its VIP Numbers category. Any vehicle, new or used, can be fitted with a number plate that would make eyes turn and establish your presence on the road. Added to that, Droom also provides its buyers a choice to buy vehicles based on whether the registration number is odd or even, according to their utility.

Commenting on the new categories, Mr. Rishab Malik, CO –Founder and VP – Business Development, Droom, said, “Specific number plates, top-notch condition vehicles or buyers searching for odd or even numbered plates to suit their purpose, we have come across these not-so-common requests time and again. Thus we decided to provide such allied services which have become extremely popular with our buyers. These services, though subtle, end up making a huge impact on the buyers’ minds and often nudge people enough to repeat transactions. We hope to keep on creating such memorable purchase experiences for buyers and maintain the high-efficiency standard of our services.”

Buyers who are off the beaten track do not get impressed by the new shining sports cars or the number plates with three consecutive 5 or 7s. They are always on the lookout for something rare, something which stands as a relic representing the voice of a time gone by. For these buyers, Droom has launched its Hard-To-Find category where one can choose to buy a rare model from a leading brand.

Combined with the aforementioned category is Old-is-Gold, a listing full of yesteryears’ vehicles which were hallmarks of quality, excellence and delicate craftsmanship. With the rise in prices, offering better technology, looks etc. were focused on more, leading to a gradual dip in the manufacture of these stately vehicles. Droom, however, plans to bring those good old days back through these categories and the vehicles listed in them by providing a serious choice to the buyers and assisting them in finding the vehicle of their dreams, complete with number plates!

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