Driving Innovation

Patni did not have any significant HR challenges specially in terms of attrition as it was well below the planned level. The company focused on a leadership and management driven approach and also emphasized on moving from a performance appraisal to a performance management system. As per the survey, employees were satisfied with salary hikes and the company adds that these hikes were given to the top performers. In fact, Patni was one of the companies that gave salary hikes to employees at 14.5%. Apart from salary hikes, incentives were also handed out including over achievement incentives, skills-related incentives and employee retentive bonuses.
The company also scores high on a positive work culture environment. Patni BPO has a global workforce (Noida, Mumbai), the US (Pensacola, EL Paso), Mexico, and China. The focus of the company has therefore been on cross-cultural integration. Patni believes in Fun@work policy too. Recently, it hired a CSR officer and the company was also awarded the Social Change Agent of the Year award by Stars of the Industry.
Training programs were also introduced by the company. The industry norm is generally to train everyone except managers, but Patni introduced a Frontline Manager Training program to help managers deal with their subordinates and associates, and to proactively address issues of every employee.
The company also argues that in the appraisal system the current compensation structure is designed by top consultants. Patni is in the process of re-designing the entire process. KRAs have also been created for all employees. Another challenge for Patni is the gender inclusivity parameter. The company says that Patni has 23% female employees which is well aligned with industry standards. The company is also planning to commence a Women Management program. Counseling service is also provided by Patni for all employees.

The focus of the company is on driving innovation by identifying and creating an environment for growth, management, and leadership training, talent development, role based competency.

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