ZS announces a significant investment in worldwide self-serve AI-infused products

ZS is a technology and management consultancy company dedicated to revolutionising global healthcare and other industries. ZS was established in 1983 and now employs over 13,000 people across 35 locations globally

Preeti Anand
New Update


ZS, a global management consulting and technology firm, announced today the formation of a dedicated ZS Platform and Products business unit to accelerate further innovation and expansion of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings in response to the strong client adoption of its cloud-based platforms and products. ZS has heavily invested in its cloud, AI, and analytics platforms since launching SaaS solutions more than ten years ago. ZS's SaaS innovations have given clients in various industries—including technology, food and beverage, travel, hospitality, and life sciences—actionable insights.


What is ZS?

ZS is a technology and management consultancy company dedicated to revolutionising global healthcare and other industries. The company uses the power of data, science, and technology products along with cutting-edge analytics to assist clients in making better decisions, providing creative solutions, and enhancing outcomes for everyone. ZS was established in 1983 and now employs over 13,000 people across 35 locations globally. 

Company's Vision


As a further indication of the importance of platforms and products to ZS's long-term success, the company has appointed ZS Chairman Jaideep Bajaj to head the new business unit. According to Fortune Business Insights, the Software as a Service (SaaS) market is anticipated to grow from $237.48 billion in 2022 to $908.21 billion by 2030.

"ZS clients are facing a wide array of business challenges. While platforms and products are not new to ZS, creating this new business unit will allow us to better serve clients with complementary, world-class product and consulting services," Bajaj said. "Through our historic consulting services and technology offerings, we'll continue to help companies realize their digital operating models, drive business transformation and respond to changing market needs by using ZS's AI-powered, globally applicable, self-serve technologies."

ZS will continue providing industry-leading advisory services.


As it has done for 40 years, ZS will continue providing industry-leading advisory services. Still, according to Bajaj, the company is increasing its investment in its unique technology. This new business unit manages ZAIDYNTM by ZS and Max.AI platforms and products.

ZAIDYN is the ZS's cloud-native analytics platform.

ZAIDYN is the company's cloud-native analytics platform, used by over 120 clients in 65 countries. It provides teams and leaders with helpful information to build a more complex understanding of the market, stronger relationships with clients, and flexible engagement strategies through proprietary AI technology. ZAIDYN is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and works with prominent CRMs like Veeva and marketing solutions like Salesforce. ZAIDYN unites over 50 AI-enabled products and solutions comprising these foundational elements:

  • ZAIDYN Commercial empowers sales and marketing teams with intelligent solutions for customer engagement, field performance, data, and analytics.
  • ZAIDYN Connected Health uses intelligent insights and interventions across the healthcare ecosystem to improve patient health outcomes.
  • ZAIDYN Marketplace offers a suite of life sciences offerings, algorithms and data subscriptions to improve budget planning, relationship-building, marketing and more.

Max.AI is a groundbreaking cross-industry AI and generative AI platform.

Max.AI is a groundbreaking cross-industry AI, and generative AI platform focused on addressing the demand from clients to leverage the capabilities of gen AI. With Max.AI, clients can combine existing machine learning models and automation techniques with the increasingly powerful abilities of the latest large language models.


The service is intended to enable clients to build and deploy domain-specific autonomous AI agents and applications at scale while combining publicly available data with private structured and unstructured repositories in a secure and compliant manner. Max.AI is available in AWS  and Azure Marketplace and will soon be released across other leading cloud marketplaces.

"The list of firms who can provide both top-flight consulting services and innovative technology products is short, and I'm pleased ZS clients will benefit from the breadth of our offerings," said ZS CEO Pratap Khedkar. "Our work to transform ZS into a one-stop shop has not been easy, but it's worth it to help our clients achieve their loftiest goals."

Customers and others may be interested in learning more about the ZS Platform and Products business unit, and all of ZS's solutions are invited to contact ZS.