High-Growth Firms Expect AI and GenAI to Transform Industries: Study

Despite these concerns, 39% of organizations have already commenced GenAI implementation, prompting a shift from conceptualization to practical deployment

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A recent study conducted by Dell Technologies Innovation Catalyst Research indicates a profound belief among Indian respondents that Generative AI (GenAI) and AI will revolutionize industries in the near future. A staggering 95% of Indian participants share this sentiment, with an even higher percentage, 96%, expressing confidence in their competitive positioning and strategic readiness for these impending changes.


The study, encompassing insights from 6,600 IT and business decision-makers across 40 countries, delineates a significant discrepancy in preparedness levels among organizations, particularly concerning the rapid pace of technological evolution. While nearly half of respondents harbor uncertainty regarding the future landscape of their industries, the overarching sentiment leans towards optimism for AI and GenAI’s potential.

GenAI Moving from Ideation to Implementation

GenAI’s potential to drive value is widely acknowledged among respondents, with 74% recognizing its ability to enhance IT security posture, 73% anticipating productivity gains, and 76% envisioning improvements in customer experience. However, apprehensions regarding security and privacy persist, with 68% expressing concerns about potential new issues in these domains. Moreover, a resounding 89% agree that safeguarding their data and intellectual property is paramount, fearing unauthorized access through GenAI tools.


Despite these concerns, 39% of organizations have already commenced GenAI implementation, prompting a shift from conceptualization to practical deployment. As adoption rates rise, the focus shifts to delineating responsibilities in mitigating risks, with 93% concurring that organizations hold ultimate accountability for AI-related malfunctions or undesirable outcomes.

Organizations are Rising to the Challenge of Today’s Threat Landscape

Cybersecurity remains a pressing concern for organizations, with 89% reporting recent impacts from security attacks. In response, a significant majority (89%) are pursuing Zero Trust deployment strategies, accompanied by robust Incident Response Plans to counter cyber threats. Malware, phishing, and data breaches emerge as the top three security issues, underscoring the imperative for comprehensive defense measures.


Employee behavior surfaces as a critical factor in cybersecurity efficacy, with 84% of respondents acknowledging instances of non-compliance with IT security protocols due to concerns over efficiency and productivity. Additionally, 65% identify insider threats as a major worry, necessitating a concerted focus on employee training to fortify the organization’s security posture.

The Right Technology Infrastructure will help Organizations to Succeed

Investing in modern, scalable data infrastructure emerges as a primary requisite for organizations aiming to capitalize on emerging technologies like GenAI. A substantial majority (73%) of IT decision-makers advocate for on-premises or hybrid models to address the challenges inherent in GenAI implementation. Furthermore, facilitating seamless data sharing across the organization is identified as crucial for innovation endeavors, with 94% emphasizing the pivotal role of data in driving differentiation and informing GenAI strategies.

Other notable research findings include a perceived shortage of talent requisite for innovation (67%), with key competencies identified as learning agility, AI fluency, and creative thinking. Additionally, sustainability emerges as a focal point, with 56% prioritizing environmentally sustainable innovations, and energy efficiency initiatives gaining traction, as evidenced by widespread adoption of as-a-Service solutions and the migration of AI inferencing to the edge.