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Top20 Form
(for companies with a turnover of more than 15 crore)
Top20 Form
(for companies with a turnover of more than 15 crore)
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DQ Top 20 2001- 02

July 1–Top 20 Giants

A closer look at the companies that ruled the Indian IT
industry in the previous year, along with an in-depth analysis into the events
that affected industry. Focus on the top five groups, depending on revenues in
the year gone by, along with other information culled from questionnaires
submitted by these companies. Trends across various sectors of the industry,
along with a report on performance, depending on order books, financials,
streams of business and overall state of the industry.

July 2–Top 20 Rankings

The 200 top companies in the Indian IT industry, showcased
together along with company profiles, business segments and complete financials.
A ready reckoner of the health of the Indian IT industry, highlighting financial
performance, business segments and future plans.

August 1–Top 20 Financials

(Including IT-enabled services and 200-800 listings)

Financials of all listed companies in the Indian IT
industry. Also, a category-wise classification of which companies created wealth
and which ones lost out. Analysis on RoI, RoNW, RoCE. Last year, dot-coms were
the rage, luring in huge investments from VCs. This year, they have all but
fizzled out, with IT-enabled services emerging as strong players in the market.

Plus: Forecast on where the IT industry is headed.


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