DQ Top 20 2018: Rank #18 Intel India

DQ Estimates Revenue (Rs Crore)

For the year 2016 to 2017 : 6,969

For the year 2017 to 2018: 7,905

Increase of 13%

Globally, Intel is on its journey from being a PC company, to becoming a data centric company and India fits right in it. India is best poised to take advantage of the data revolution with its surging connected population. Local data centers are thriving amid rising interest among global players to invest more in India.

In FY18, Intel made significant progress in:

AI – For AI, Intel is aligned to make AI accessible and relevant for all communities. As part of our commitment to democratize AI in India, more than 99,000 developers, students, and professors in more than 90 organizations have been educated on some of the most critical AI tools and solutions since April 2017.

PC for SMBs – In the PC segment, Intel is working with other technology companies to bring relevant devices to Indian SMBs. India has over 11 million SMBs, out of which nearly 40% or 4.8 million, are non-PC owners. Since, the implementation of GST last year, businesses have to upload all their business invoices in a digital format to the government portal every month and this has led to a mini digital-revolution. Intel’s efforts have been in making PCs more affordable and accessible to help SMBs adapt to this new requirement.

Ensuring innovation – Last year, Intel announced expansion of its R&D presence with the setting up of a new state-of-the-art design house in Bangalore, called SRR4. With approximately 620,000 sq. ft. of space including lab capacity, the new building with specialized infrastructure will be used for design and verification purposes. This additional capacity will help Intel India consolidate its R&D operations and ensure that innovations continue to come out of India market.

Cloud services – Globally, Intel’s Cloud service provider segment revenue has been increasing in the last few years. In the future, strong growth is expected to continue as it explores the confluence of cloud architectures innovations, the growth of the “cloud edge”, cybersecurity, network transformation, and acceleration of AI.

India is one of Intel’s focus growth markets both from a sales as well as R&D perspective. In FY 19, Intel will continue with its efforts to democratize AI through developer engagements, as well as deep industry collaborations. We have strategically invested in the development of the ecosystem in India to propel ideation and innovative application of AI. Also, continuing its focus on PC, it aims to ensure that individual consumers, small and medium businesses take advantage of its PC and related innovations. Clearly Intel is aiming at providing the best in class offering for consumers to take advantage of education, entertainment, virtual reality or gaming on a PC.

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