DQ Top 20 2018: Rank #15 Capgemini

DQ Estimates Revenue (Rs Crore)

For the year 2017 to 2018: 12,800

The company continued to create value for its customers, notably by capturing the demand fueled by their digital agendas. A 4% revenue growth globally, which was higher than projected, and closed the year with strong momentum, particularly in North America, its largest market. The company achieved €12.8 billion in annual revenue – its largest ever. This robust overall performance confirms its progression towards its focus on partnering with the most demanding companies to help them deliver their technology agendas.

The company says that from an industry adoption perspective, it is seeing enterprises facing serious challenges. According to Capgemini’s latest DTI report ‘Understanding Digital Mastery Today’, organizations are struggling to turn their investments in digital into business successes primarily because of the dizzying pace of change in digital technology (e.g., artificial intelligence, internet of things, automation). Moreover, business model disruptions in many industries are challenging traditional value-chains. The company defines digital mastery under two broad capabilities – Digital capabilities and Leadership Capabilities. Of the industries it surveyed, the one that has the greatest digital mastery is consumer products (36%); followed by retail and telecom (34%); banking and utilities (31%); automotive (28%) and insurance (27%).

Earlier this year Capgemini and PTC today announced the opening of a CoE located at Capgemini’s office in Mumbai. The facility is designed as a working CoE where Capgemini will build and showcase cutting-edge industrial solutions to help customers around the world improve the way they design, manufacture, sell, operate, and service smart connected products. These solutions will be built on PTC’s leading ThingWorx – industrial innovation platform.

This Center of Excellence with PTC is a part of its commitment to building solutions for its customers’ needs driven by connected devices. It will also serve as a center that consolidates its global best practices and will showcase the transformations we are enabling with the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform.

Capgemini chose to set-up the CoE with PTC to maximize the breadth of the ThingWorx platform and tools, including its complementary portfolio of products that covers Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) and Computer Aided Design (CAD). As a systems integrator partner with PTC, Capgemini is already leading multiple digital transformation programs and solutions globally on PTC technologies.

In India, the company is investing in its people through focused interventions in learning and development. Over 60,000 Capgemini employees have been trained in various new age digital technologies in 2017 in India.

The company has put in place an aggressive focus on reskilling and aggressively pursue the following HR initiatives during FY 19: Accelerated Career Progression, Accelerated Investments in New-age, Emerging Skills, Revamped Rewards & Recognition (R&R, Recognizing People Leadership.

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