DQ Leadership Series: Sumeer Chandra, MD, HP: We Have Built a Strong Strategy in Mapping the Market Opportunity, Centered on Insights, Inspired Engineering, and Extraordinary Design

HP through their products and innovations have been able to make printing easily affordable and accessible at homes

Sumeer Chandra, Managing Director, HP Inc. India walks through HP Inc India’s performance in an interview to Dataquest. Excerpts:

Q. How would you rate the adoption dynamics for PC’s in India during FY 18 and some of the leading innovations HP has advanced over the year across form factors?

A. HP has made an effort to understand that PCs are reinventing expectation, performance, and possibility. We have built a strong strategy in mapping the market opportunity, centered on insights, inspired engineering, and extraordinary design.

In the consumer segment, by experimenting with new form factors, cutting-edge designs, innovative engineering, and refined materials, HP is bringing thin, light, and sleekly designed devices to consumers, thus strengthening the premium category. Furthermore, on the commercial front, HP Inc. is leading in innovation in efficient workstations and commercial laptops. Our devices are also the most secure.

Q. If you look at the IT peripherals space, what are the leading trends you observed over the year in the printers market? Are enterprises transitioning to a managed print services and consumer side going for standalone print devices?

A. This year the printer market in India is going through considerable changes both at a consumer level and enterprise level. We are constantly gauging market trends and understanding the needs of our consumers. We see an upsurge in home printing amongst the parents, following the need to deliver assignments of their children. HP through their products and innovations have been able to make printing easily affordable and accessible at homes.

On the commercial front, there has been an uptake in the growth of printer sales driven by macro-factors like GST, Digital India and rise in technology adoption by SMBs and Startups. The shift from single-function printers to multi-function printers (or MFPs) is also increasing due to its functionality including printing, copying, scanning and faxing — ultimately offering greater management efficiencies and reduced costs.

With increasing adoption of MFPs, the threat of cyber attack through printers also increases. To counter this, HP offers the most secure printers providing security at the level of Device, Data & Document. With the new secure and redesigned Managed Print Services (MPS), HP enables its customers to find the right solution for their business.

Q. How do you see FY 19 and your two priorities?

A. FY19 looks promising as the pace of technology adoption gains momentum in India. As a market leader, we will continue to focus on innovation and continuously delivering customer-centric products and solutions. We are looking at further strengthening our core segments and expanding in growth areas like entertainment and gaming. In addition, we will continue to partner with SMBs, startups, Government and large enterprises in their journey for digital transformation.


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