DQ-IDC IT’s Best Employers’ Survey, 2004

ADP India
Automatic Data Processing (ADP), India specializes in providing global
systems and services for institutional and retail securities operations. The
company’s start of operations in India in 1999 and the number of IT employees
touched to 324 as on 2004 March end. Giving an average of 5 days of training in
a year to their technical professionals, the company has more than 30% of its
workforce with an experience of 3-5 years. The maximum salary hike, that of 20%
was seen at the junior employee level. The global presence of ADP Inc., USA and
the privilege of being a fortune 500 company, was one of the winning reasons for
new joiners.

Director: S. Balaji

AIG Systems Solutions
A leading international insurance and financial services organization, AIG
Systems is the largest underwriter of commercial and industrial insurance. AIG
Systems has been appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 3. Currently AIG Systems
employs 170 people and has delivery centers in Chennai and Kolkata of which 75
professionals have a 5-10 year working experience. With an average annual gross
salary of 1,53,000, junior employees of the organization enjoy an extensive
exposure in the domain of insurance and finance.

Head HR: Sriram N

Celetronix India
Very close to becoming a DQ Top20 company this year, Celetronix has reduced
its reliance on head-stack assemblies for hard disk drives by diversifying into
newer electronics manufacturing opportunities. Based out of Mumbai, out of a
total of 874, Celetronix employees a small but dedicated team of 11 people in
sales and marketing, of which 10 have less than two years of experience. Chennai
is the other city, where Celetronix has a presence with a total of 21 employees.
Irrespective of experience or the tenure in office only 45% of the salary is a
fixed component, with an average annual salary for junior technical and
marketing professionals approximating 7 lakh/annum.

Head (HR/Training): Mrinal Guha

Riding the IT solutions bandwagon as a successful subsidiary of TCS, CMC has
been doing well consistently and has increased its revenues by 16% in AMJ as
compared to the same in 2002-03. Having started in as early as 1976, the company
has its presence in all the four major metros other than having its workforce
distributed in other parts of the country as well. Attrition seems to be the
biggest problem being faced by the company, which has seen going through a
period of flux as far as employee retention is concerned. The company spends an
average of 6 days of training in a year for both its technical as well as
marketing professionals.

Head (HR, IIS & Corp Communications): SV Ramanan

Computer Sciences Corporation
Incorporated in India as Policy Management Systems India in 1996, the
company became a part of CSC when PMSC was acquired by CSC, in late 2000.
Currently operating from five facilities in India of which three are located at
NOIDA, one in Indore and one in Hyderabad, the company is focused on application
management services, BPO and remote infrastructure
management services.

The company currently employs nearly 1,400 technical people and
has more than doubled the head count from 663 last year. The company has a clear
focus on training and all technical people are required to undergo a basic level
of industry education.

Director (HR): Pramod Sadarjoshi

FCS Software Solutions
Based in California, FCS Software Solutions provides services in areas like
e-learning, digital content services, IT consultancy and product engineering
services. Set up in 1993, the company presently employs 442 IT professionals in
the area of which 287 work out of its development facility in NOIDA. It saw its
head count go up by 55% last year.

The company has a major part of its workforce with two to five
years of work experience and it also added 124 new positions on its rolls in the
last year.

Head (HR): Aradhna Srivastava

Induslogic India
Operating with an exclusive focus on commercial grade enterprise software,
Induslogic is headquartered in the Washington DC and a wholly owned subsidiary
in New Delhi. In a major makeover in the last fiscal, the number of employees
was doubled to 202. The USP of the company is an unmatched quality of engineers;
of which almost 70% employees have been recruited from the IITs. The average
salary for junior employees is 40,000/month, which is one of the major reasons
for employees joining the organization.

Manager (HR): Umesh Wason

Intelligroup Asia
The Hyderabad based Intelligroup Asia has expertise in implementation,
upgradation, application management and development needs of business.
Intelligroup Asia is a SEI-CMM LEVEL-5. Intelligroup Asia, a wholly owned
subsidiary of Intelligroup, employs a total of 873 IT professionals and 31
marketing professionals. 61% of the workforce had less than two years of
experience. Intelligroup’s good exposure across modules in ERP was the leading
reason for employees wanting to join the organization.

Vice President: Madhu Poomalil

Jetking Infotrain
A market leader in the hardware training and education segment, Jetking has
trained over 60,000 students as Hardware and Network Engineers. Jetking, which
has tie-ups with global companies like Microsoft and Novell on date, employs
1,400 people of which 400 are in marketing. Having a very even break-up across
all the experience groups, the maximum number of technical as well as marketing
people fell in the experience bracket of 2-5 years. Training for Jetking is the
most important investment.

MagnaQuest Technologies
Delivering customized applications and technology services, MagnaQuest
provides solutions to a wide range of companies, from Silicon Valley startups to
the bigger boys like Encyclopedia Britannica and AT&T. The company in the
last fiscal increased its Indian talent pool from 50 to 88. Members of the
junior staff received a 20%-25% average salary hike. Hyderabad, which is the
chosen hub for the company has been attractive to prospective workers for its
conducive learning environment and work culture.

Manager (HR): K V Sreeram

Moser Baer
Moser Baer is the country’s largest optical media company and has an 11% share
of the global recordable optical media market, making it the third largest in
the world. The company manufactures Recordable Compact Discs (CD-R), Rewritable
Compact Discs (CD-RW), Pre-recorded CD/DVD, Digital Versatile Disks (DVD-R) and
Rewritable Digital Versatile Disks (DVD-RW) in the optical storage media
segment. The company is the OEM supplier to ten of the top 12 global brands. The
company employs 1,375 people in its manufacturing facility and marketing offices
spread across the country. It grew its workforce by 19% during the last year.

Sr. GM (HR): Rajyawardhan Ghei

Persistent Systems
Persistent was the first company in Software Technology Park, Pune in 1990.
Since then Persistent has provided complete lifecycle services for offshore
software product development, Identity Management, RFID and Data Warehousing in
the domains of Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Telecommunications. Flaunting a
clientele of 120 clients, the company is also privately held with investment
from the Intel 64 fund. Substantially increasing its headcount in 2003-04,
Persistent employed 368 more people to take the total to 885. The average salary
hike for junior IT professionals in the last fiscal was 13% with a 16% hike for
employees with 5-10 years experience. The average number of days for training
was 9 in a year.

Sr. Manager, HR: Chitra Buzruk

Satyam Computer Services
Satyam Computer Services is a consulting and IT services company that offers
solutions for a range of key verticals and horizontals. It has domain
competencies in verticals such as automotive, banking and financial service,
insurance and healthcare, manufacturing, telecom-infrastructure-media-entertainment-semiconductors

Satyam’s development centers in India, the USA, the UK, the
UAE, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan and Australia employ over 13,000
employees that serve nearly 325 global companies, including 104 Fortune-500
corporations. Nearly 9,750 of its workforce is based out of its development
centers in the country. Its facility in Hyderabad has the maximum number of
people in any one location and houses nearly 5,300 professionals. The company
grew its headcount by over 45% in the last year to be among the biggest IT
employers in the country. Nearly 10% of its workforce has over 15 years of
industry experience.

General Manager (HR): Mukund Menon

Siemens Information Systems
Siemens Information Systems or SISL is a systems integrator offering consultancy
in areas like healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, utilities, public
sector and government.

The company presently employs 1,925 IT professionals of which
just 14 are placed overseas. An SEI-CMM Level 5 and PCMM Level 3 company, SISL
has registered a growth of 39% in manpower during the last year. The company has
offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Secunderabad and
also have an international presence in Germany, Singapore, South Africa, UK and
USA. Its Bangalore facility houses nearly half of its technical workforce.

Chief Manager (HR): Shalil Nair

Sierra Atlantic
The software application and Biotech Instruments Company is located at
Hyderabad with branch offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Sierra Atlantic
Software Services Ltd. is a Wolfram Research Certified Reseller. This ensures a
full array of Mathematica services, quality products and efficient service to
customers using business applications such as ERP, SCM AND CRM. The company
added 228 employees in 2003-04. This was a year that saw the total number of IT
professionals posted overseas increase by 38%. The maximum numbers of people
were placed in the 2-5 years of experience range. The average salary hike for
professionals having less than 10 years of experience was 25%. Needless to say,
this initiative was a big attraction in the recruitment drive.

Director (People Function): Uday Chander

SIS Software
A wholly-owned subsidiary of SIS Inc, Atlanta, a major in the US surgical
operating room and preoperative-care workflow communication tools, Surgical
Information Systems (SIS) Software (India) is an ISO 9000:2000 company, based in
Hyderabad. While the technical design is done in the US, coding and quality
assurance is performed at SIS India. A very minimal increase in employees in
2003-04 left the total headcount standing at 101 on 1st April. Attrition was one
of the major problems, which the company faced w.r.t HR issues. The company has
no one from the marketing and sales team sitting in India. However, a good
reputation of SIS Software as a healthcare IT product company kept the newer
people joining in.

General Manager: Himanshu Ubale

SPAN Systems Corporation
Based out of the technology city, Bangalore, SPAN is dedicated to offshore
outsourcing. The company is CMM Level 4 assessed and ISO 9001:2000 certified and
delivers business support, in a shortened time-to-market for a leading edge
product or in maintaining legacy systems. SPAN in 2003-04 increased its
workforce by 25 new employees to take the total to 120. Salary hikes for
employees at the lower end of the pyramid touched more than 40%, while the hikes
were most visible for senior marketing managers. Working in a stable environment
using latest technology, was the major driver for new employees.

Manager (Human Resources): Rajshree Naik

Xansa (India)
Working effectively from all its three centers in Delhi, Chennai and Pune,
Xansa’s Chennai center is now the worldwide support center for the
$400-million Lawson, a US-based provider of enterprise resource planning
solutions. The company continued to provide enhanced business capabilities to
its customers by harnessing the knowledge of the industry and its professionals
in divisions like consultancy and Business Process Outsourcing. The headcount
rose from 762 IT professionals in Apr 03 to 1079 in Apr 04. However the number
of postings overseas was reduced by 7%. Keeping its emphasis on training intact,
the company spent an average of 10 days of training in a year. Xansa intends to
increase its manpower to 4000 by Apr 2005.

Zensar Technologies
Zensar Technologies is a software services organization providing solutions to
Fortune 500 and other clients for over a decade now. Zensar is a joint venture
between Fujitsu Services and RPG Enterprises, with Electra Investments Trust as
an institutional investor and has been assessed for SEI CMM Level 5.
Headquartered in Pune, Zensar’s operations and customer base are spread across
22 locations.

The company employs over 1,200 IT professionals of which 850 are
posted in India. Zensar has expertise in key verticals like manufacturing,
retail, logistics, financial services, telecom and utilities, and has built
practice areas around each of these.

Head (Global HR): Yogesh Patgaankar

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