DQ Digital Leadership Conclave 2018-Panel Discussion-Leveraging Emerging Tech









Emerging technologies like machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, chatbots, augmented reality, IoT etc. is leading to innovative ways of business processes. New technologies is enabling businesses to overcome barriers to data access and to mining useful insights. For instance, IoT is creating smart products, intelligent insights, and new business outcomes. Similarly, AI is helping in anticipating customer needs and optimize work to deliver faster and effective customer outcomes. With the help of big data and analytics organizations are getting actionable insights and build models that forecasts what can happen under different scenarios. The speakers discussed how successful governments and organizations are setting goalposts, handling challenges and moving on their Digital India journey with scale as well as speed in terms of these emerging technologies.


“4G transportation is majorly used for preventive maintenance, remote monitoring and diagnostics. Before the use of these technologies in the business we started to figure out what is the right case to enable the sophisticated sensors that are IOT enabled. Availability, reliability, fuel efficiency are the top 3 key areas of my business. For me, to be able to do remote monitoring diagnostics, to be able to protect before it fails, to do the geofencing, to bring it for the maintenance are the things that enhance the business parameters.”


“We are Asia’s largest alcohol manufacturing in India. We are producing about 30 lacs litre alcohol per month. Emerging technologies are very important in manufacturing processes. Fermentation is a process where molasses goes in fermentation and then convert into alcohol. It’s a long process and if you are not going to optimize to the level where we can leverage with the cost; then of course the MRP and the bottom line is going to be on a toss”.


“The most critical path for a CIO is to establish the digital platform for an organization where manufacturing location is in the very remote place. Digitization for us is particularly connecting with the B2B services. We have connected in a bigger mobility network where we have introduce IOTs. The data visibility at the same time is visibility with your customer and there shouldn’t be any gap, otherwise complaint will generate into the database.” 


“We are the largest citizen-based database. Everybody requires power and water and the emerging technology predominantly utilities multidisciplinary visions. With the introduction of the IOT, we offer better living through innovation. The smart meters which are coming into picture are very useful from the maintenance perspective.

A new IOT model, smart meter, which been introduced both in the power and water sector where a consumer or a citizen get exact usage of its utility has helped the government to reduce the cost. Automation and machine learning are the things where you come to know about the consumers and monitor their satisfaction level.”


“We serve a lot of different segments, the strategy that the organization uses to reduce the cost is to use more of DIY (Do It Yourself). This kind of things are really becoming very handy in the business. We served about 45000 customers in 2016 and now it’s around 72000 customers, most of which is coming from DIY segment of digital content. Utilizing the digital learning capabilities that the operation could have is so far the best solution in the form of services.”






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